the amazingness of Genesis 1:1

i’ve been obsessively watching youtube videos lately. and i came across this gem.

actually, this video sent little chills up and down my back.  i mean, i know God is a detail-oriented God, but i never really realized to what extent.

when people ask you to “prove” Christianity, usually the only tools we can use is our faith, testimony, and the Bible. but did you know that the Bible has proof within it’s authoritative statements?

give this a watch…



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  1. Yes, yes I did. I was very happy to see this post this morning. Seriously, I smiled.
    As I am sure that you know the Bible has often been used to contradict faulse science and false religion. Given the opportunities and viewed w/ an unprejudiced heart science is unthreatened by the Bible. The problrm usually starts when fools attack the Bible because their own theories are shallow and baseless. I would seriously suggest the movie “Expelled” by Ben Steine. Yes Ben Steine the monotone genius who is not a christian does a great job of defending creationism as a science and showing the anti-religious gastapoesque tactics to tie creationism to religion (the Bible) in order to discredit it. Maybe because it comes from someone who is a nonbeliever it may seem to hold more water to those who are searching.


  2. Fun. But, like the 23 enigma, I feel like there is a tad too much selection bias going on. For instance, this video failed to mention that if you add up the Gematria of the other words in the sentence, you get 274.8571428571429 x 7… and in that number, my calculator shows three sevens, which–as pointed out in the video–is a powerful indication of divine intervention. There are also two 14s and one 28 (also divisible by 7).

    Now, I’m not saying God couldn’t/didn’t put clues, codes, or numerological elements in the Bible. And I’m definitely not saying that this kind of thing isn’t fascinating and fun to learn about. But there comes a point where we cross the line into the land of literary criticism like we all experienced in high school, where teachers drew all kinds of conclusions and meaning the authors almost assuredly did not intend to be there. And I think it’s foolish to claim–as my teachers did–that such hidden meanings were intentional. …especially when we have interviews with some writers who have said, “My works don’t mean half the things these people think.”

    May we be wise in our study of Scripture.


  3. This is based on a non-KJV translation of Gen 1:1. I smell trouble.

  4. I’d never say our “faith” is the only way we can prove God or the Bible. Because, how did we get our faith? Sometimes we have good answers – sometimes we don’t. It’s just there.

    Yes, my family reads the Bible. But to us, the experiences we’ve had are the strongest “proof” God exists. Curious? The book I’ve been working on has lots of those experiences. It’s still on the Internet (until we get a publisher). If you want to read some of them, just click on my name, then on the book. But for now forget the book itself – (read it later if you want to.) Instead, just skim through, look for the experiences – especially those you think say something about God’s reality – and enjoy them.

    God bless you all.

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