grace was that girl in school that was nice to everyone, regardless of who they were. but because she was so nice, she was also the girl that people took advantage of all the time and walked all over. but she never really seemed to mind because she would still be nice to the people who treated her with such disregard and disrespect.

she was the girl who everyone wanted in their study groups because she seemed to make everything better. she was the girl that was always voted to do the hands on, difficult, seemingly impossible projects at school because she always seemed to ace them without much effort at all.

everybody wanted her, but nobody wanted to be like her. because being like her meant that they would have to be vulnerable, exposed, used, overlooked, hurt. everybody felt they had a right to her time, but rarely did anyone give up an afternoon to help her.

people viewed her as somewhat strange because she always reached out to the ones who hurt her most. she took pleasure in loving the unlovely and helping those who never helped others in return. she didn’t care what people said about her.

she didn’t care what a persons political persuasions were. she didn’t care what clothes a person wore. it didn’t matter to her what denomination a person was. she was blind to skin color, sex, age, race, social status, education level, and health. after all, those were only minor details.

the funny thing about grace is that she lived for others. she never put herself first. she always spent all she had on other people. whatever was hers was free for the taking by anyone who needed it.

this is how she lived. this is how she thrived.

you would think that someone so nice would be treated equally as nice. you would think that someone so willing to do anything for anyone would be treated in a like manner. but instead, she’s mistreated, abused, taken advantage of, walked all over, unappreciated, expected without question, and slapped in the face.

how awful, right?

now… take the above story and replace “grace” with God’s grace. makes it a little more real, a little more close to home for us, a little more convicting.

first of all, i can’t imagine such a perfect grace as that. but it exists.

secondly, i know i’m guilty of treating His grace so carelessly.

thirdly, i need to be more consciously aware of His grace on a daily, hourly, momentary basis. we all do.



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