yes, you read the title correctly. Jesusween.

it’s like halloween… but the Christian version. ish.

yesterday was halloween. no, i did not dress or or go trick-or-treating. in fact, this year i didn’t even sit in my window and watch all the trick-or-treaters walk by. and to prove that i’m completely the grinch of halloween – i didn’t even pass out candy! so THERE!

but yes, i do intend to eat all my co-workers left over candy they bring into work today. i’m very helpful like that.  :]

ok, i get it. i really do. Christians are trying to find alternatives to a “holiday” that began in deep, dark spiritual roots with devils and witchcraft and sorcery. i get it.

but my question is this: is dressing up in white and handing children miniature Bibles the solution? shouldn’t we be sharing the Gospel with our neighbors longgg before October 31st ever rolls around every year?

hey, it’s just a question…

please, please, please! take a moment and go {here} and watch the short 3:30-minute news clip. then come back here and leave your thoughts.

in all seriousness – i’m weirded out.

do you like the idea of Jesusween? do you think it’s a great way to share the Gospel?
or do you think we’ve taken things too far?
by doing this, have Christians bought into the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!” ideology?
or does this stunt make Christianity look completely ridiculous?

…because, honestly, all i see is people making a bigger mockery out of Jesus and Christianity than they already do.

and in case you didn’t answer my question yesterday:

did you celebrate halloween? did you dress up?
if yes, what did you dress up as?
what was the best halloween costume you witnessed this year?

and to those of you who didn’t see my comment replies on last friday’s post regarding what my costume for my work’s halloween fundraising event was, i was Kat Von D (host of the TV show L.A.Ink). i salute those who guessed it right with a virtual fist pump! \m/


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  1. No, I don’t like Jesusween. Amazingly bad. Donald Miller once said he saw a sign for a store that said they sell “Christian Office Supplies.” One can only imagine what’s in there: cross-shaped staples? Mints with bible verses on them? Oh. Wait.

    Anyway, this idea of Jesus-ifying everything is just comical.

  2. Honestly, it breaks my heart. People used to go to their deaths by being beaten, burned, chewed by wild beasts, pulled apart, drug through the streets, flayed alive. etc., etc., etc. Now, instead of standing lovingly firm against blatant evil, we cheapen the sacrifice of God’s Son and the price payed to buy those “white robes” by acting like creepy cultists.

    But what can I say? I preach a message and make it perfectly clear that I absolutely abhor the celebration of Halloween, but my folks still throw a party. Most churches around here do.

    The thing that really bothers me the most is that the church is more likely to take something the world does and copy it, than present something original and first-rate. Why can’t we do something the world wants to copy, for a change? Did our imagination die with Creation, or can the Holy Spirit still work through us to bring new life in new ways?

    My suggestion: quit copying everything the world does (and usually poorly) and start being an original.

    • I like how you bring in this matter of playing counterfeit. That’s the Devil’s game. We’re not going to cast out Satan with the weapons of Satan (Matt. 12:24–28). “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;),” 2 Cor. 10:3–4.

  3. As chrisrians, most of us complain about the world and all of the bad that it presents. As we should, but God never commanded believers to “complain”. Let’s face it, the enemy has a way of making sin look harmless and fun. Some of God’s people have a way of making salvation boring and sanctification, crazy. If we put as much thought and imagination into soulwinning, decipleship, fellowship, and encouraging one another as we put into dinner we’d have a lot less to complain about.

    We are comanded to go unto the world, not to pour the world into us. We are comanded to tell the world, not accept and adapt it’s philosophies. There’s enough creativity here to come up w/ 1000 ways to enjoy our faith and draw others to the savior w/o compromising anything. As I see it, The problem isn’t w/ the world (what do you expect, they are lost), the problem lies in God’s people who are more interested in enjoing the world than loving the things of God. Why should the world want what we have if we don’t. Why should they respect our Word if we dismiss it for fun’s sake.

    As for last night. We did dress up and take the kids to Rebekah’s. We had pizza, sodas, dressed up, hung out, watched movies (non spookie)… there was only 5 adults and 2 kids, but we had a blast. There was Fred, Velma, Daphnie, Shaggy, littke Mario, a little Spartain, and last but totally least Sherlock Holmes… the other night b4 we hung out and dressed up there were more family members. This time of year costumes are cheap pleantiful so it’s a good time to have costume parties if you like to dress up…

    And as far as christians in the night wearing white robes … Tory thinks you know where he stands. Sometimes descression is the better part of valor.

  4. I agree with what most people have already said. As much as I love handing out tracts, I will not participate in Halloween to do it. I did give out several yesterday, but I did it as I would every other day. There was no Halloween involved. I think that many Christians who celebrate it or do this Jesusween have good intentions, but good intentions mean absolutely nothing without the Lord. I have learned that the hard way a few times.

    I think maybe part of the problem is that many people have no idea what Halloween really stands for. Some deliberately don’t want to know (thinking they won’t be accountable), and some truly don’t know. It is evil and wicked (see Pastor Baker’s post), no matter what we try to dress it up as.

    With that said, I do NOT judge anyone who chooses to celebrate. It is between them and God, and it is an individual choice. I just feel heavily convicted to stay far away from it myself.

    I like how a member of RU put it recently. He said, “I used to celebrate fear on Halloween, but now I celebrate Jesus!” Isn’t it so true? On Halloween, it is all about being scared and frightened (haunted houses, dressing like monsters, etc..) In the Bible it tells us repeatedly that we should not fear – so why would we want to celebrate it?

    Anywhoo, just my thoughts on the holiday. Have a blessed day Heather! 🙂

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