things that are different are not the same.

i know, i’ve hit on something profound with the title to this post. i’m super smart like that, i know.

by now i’m sure you’ve all figured out that i’ve changed my opinions and views on a few things since earlier this year. if the month of silence didn’t give it away, then i’m sure the last 10 posts or so have definitely clued you in.

i’ve been seriously chewing over many different issues and beliefs and i’ve been asking around and talking to people smarter and more “spiritual” than i – it’s been quite helpful and enlightening. and when i say “people smarter and more spiritual than i” i don’t mean like pastors or other IFB people – i mean, people with all sorts of various theological viewpoints and stuff.

if i get all my information from one source, pretty soon i’m going to sound like their echo, right? so in order to be educated and really knowledgable on something i need to get a glance of every perspective and go from there.


that’s what i’ve been trying to do. and (i think) it’s working. it’s helping. it’s freeing.

i no longer cringe in horror when i see a girl with 3 different colors in her hair, tattoos all up and down her arms, and 15 piercings from the neck up. i think – either she hasn’t met my Savior yet, or she’s a very liberal Christian (and i don’t mean the latter negatively).

truth is, people stand at different spots on different issues. i’m not their judge. God’s their judge… my job is to be the witness.

i haven’t been going to church on wednesday nights for about the past two months. not necessarily because i’m rebelling – but because i had school and work. my wednesday night class has since ended – yet i still have not resumed going to wednesday night services. why? because i’m tired. i’m exhausted. i’m worn-freakin’-out.

but i think Jesus understands that. even He got tired from time to time while He walked this earth in His physical body. i don’t think He faults me for choosing to skip out on driving an hour and a half to sit in an hour and a half service. it’s tough when you’re church is 45 minutes away and you have to sit in 30 minutes of traffic in addition to the normal drive. it’s exhausting – and, in case you haven’t noticed, gas isn’t exactly cheap these days. (and i’m broke. like beyondddd broke. like bank-account-$15-overdrawn broke.) i’m not having a pity party – just stating the facts, and making major adjustments in my life.

*awkward silence*

so yes, to state the obvious again: things that are different are not the same. and i am definitely different than i was 8… 6… 2 months ago. i’m not the same person i was.

and (for the most part) people are saying something along the lines of  “praise Jesus!”

anywho…   *cough*

oh! on a positive note: i bowled a 177 yesterday at my work’s “halloweed bowling” fundraiser event. i beat all but like 2 guys that were on our 3 teams. yes, i was proud. still am actually.

and for those of you wondering: yes, i did wear a costume (ish) for the event. i was kinda required to since my boss had volunteered me to help plan it. apparently it’s a big no-no to be on the planning committee and then not participate in the event we planned. crazy.

what was my costume you ask…? i’m gonna let you guess…  :]

{i'm on the left; my friend amanda is on the right.}

ok… thoughts on everything BEFORE halloween bowling event ramblings?
andddd… WHO AM I…? (in the picture. i know who i am in real life.)  ;P


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  1. if you love Halloween then you probably have a pretty good chance of winning my competition! its just a bit of fancy dress fun 🙂

  2. Cute costume. Madonna (the singer…early 80’s version)? As far as you changing goes, I say “amen”, but you and I know that most people in your IFB church will not agree. Many things here that they would not like, but it up!!! btw…I have been waiting for you to be more specifc about your changes and FOCUS IN on them for awhile. Please be specific.

    God bless,

  3. You know, i don’t think we give Jesus the credit he’s due. I’m quite sure he’d rather see you well-rested and enjoying the life he gave you instead of seeing you exhausted and shoved into a pew you feel “obligated” to be shoved into at the moment.

    Lovely post – rock on Liberal Christians!

  4. Cat Von (the Ink inc pin-up). Interestinng choice.

  5. I just wanna know why bowling alley carpet all looks like that?

  6. The only important thing when making such a big change is consulting God’s Word. Human knowledge and understanding is flawed, but the Word of God is perfect!

  7. faith dusseault

    Hi, Heather 🙂 been praying for you. Hope you’re feeling better 🙂

  8. I’m sorry, but I laughed out loud when I read your post. First when you said “bingo” – my first reaction was “I couldn’t even play that game. It’s a sin.” And then you are at a bowling alley – where I was never allowed to go. I’m now 64 y/o and still feel a little uneasy in the bowling alley. But I’m now free to finally follow Jesus.

    Our one source should be the Bible and our communication/relationship with Jesus Christ.

  9. I love you either way cousin. Oh and you’re Kat Von D 😉

  10. a couple of you got it. I was Kat Von D (ish)! or at least, i attempted to be her. my own not-slutty, not-anorexic, less-tatted version of her. :] haha.

  11. Ellen and Mary both hit on my thoughts, Heather. Yes, talking to others IS a good way to learn and to get fresh perspectives. But make sure you also take time to pick out questions that interest you, grab a really good concordance (for the King James, that used to – and may still – include Young’s, Strong’s, and Cruden’s) – and look. Don’t rush this – time will vary with the subject – but give yourself enough time to do a GOOD job, and to be satisfied you know what the Bible REALLY says on that subject. ALL of what the Bible says. Then do it again, on another subject. And another. You’ll grow. A lot.

  12. Sorry, that wasn’t Mary, it was Janet Macy. (What I get for trying to remember names that are above the screen and out of sight. My apologies, Janet.)

  13. Hey,

    Awesome post! I love this stuff.

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