occupy wall street.

who wants to give me a crash course on what all this “occupy wall street” stuff is about? any takers? anyone at all?

i’ve seen alot about it here and there online and hear people talking about it and whatnot, but i really haven’t followed any of it.

My cousin was pretty active in the “occupy lansing” thing going on here in Michigan, but i’m not sure if it’s related to the wall street thing or not… i’m assuming yes? actually, aren’t there a whole bunch of “occupy _________” things going on all over the country, with the main focus on wall street?

like i said, i really haven’t followed it at all – but i’d appreciate any little insider tips and random knowledgable thoughts on the matter.

i don’t really follow political stuff all that much – mainly because i think just about everyone involved is either a pathological liar or full or unicorns and rainbows crap. (hey, if you want a positive outlook on American politics, you’ve come to the wrong place. just sayinggg.)

about the only time i follow politics at all is when there’s a presidential election involved. and even then, i usually start following it only a couple months prior to election day. oh, or if a politician is in toruble with the law and faces impeachment or jailtime — i’ll follow it then too (enter Bill Clinton and Kwame Kilpatrick).

btw, who here has seen “V for Vendetta”…? personally, i love that movie. anywho, below are a couple pictures of my cousin and his friends at the occupy lansing thing. thank you for being our voices, Nick.

so… thoughts?
anyone got any info they can share with me about “occupy wall street” or “occupy ________”…?


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  1. In a nutshell…these people are protesting capitalism.

  2. I would say the only thing in common among these people is that they don’t have much in common. Yes there are some who are against capitalism but there is certainly an overwhelming majority who don’t seem to even understand how micro and macro economics work, the ins and outs of markets and even to a more simple sense, most of whom I have heard of, done seem to have a clue how a business work; (ie: Customer price – [material cost + operational costs + taxers and obligations]= margin/profits. Of all the tens of people I’ve heard from OXX in several media outlets (Fox, CNN, MSNBC etc), only one seem to know what he was talking about and made decent arguments -and he was quick to note that the “movement” had gone astray in ideas.

  3. Yes, it’s like a repeat of the flower children and anti-war protests of the 1960’s, but without the flowers and sex. The common denominator, however, is a sense of entitlement. These people have all been taught to believe the government owes them a job, benefits, and a free back massage.

    It is also very important to notice that this is going on all over the world. It is at the core an anarchist movement looking to stir stuff up and use it against the government. I even saw a clip of Bill Ayers lecturing a bunch of these people on the justification for getting violent. Grrreat!

  4. Never trust a Hippie. That peace and love message is over! Now here’s the truth and its ugly and brutal. The Hippies had their chance and they turned into urban consumers. Sell outs!

    Ahhhh you generation Y’s, you have so much to learn. You have watched to much TV while this planet was taken out for profit. You lost your spirit. The generation y’s are going to see some scary events in the future. You were warned by the generation X’ers and you don’t have much time. If your scared of violence your going to see it so be strong.

    Its called Apathy. Everyone says, I don’t care. Individuals not a collectivity have led us here. Everyone gets one of everything here while in a 3rd world country they didn’t even know it existed. Old people have let this happen. They were not educated. They relied on patronage from their good ‘ol boy connections instead of the merit system.

    This is history in the making and if you have grand kids they will ask you, What did you do for the Earth back then Grandma? And you won’t even understand.

  5. I would say talk to my brother, Heather. He seems to be more in the loop than me on this matter (thank you law school for keeping me super busy). I know that my brother, regardless of what anyone here thinks, isn’t doing it because he feels a sense of entitlement to a job, benefits or a back massage because in fact we haven’t had benefits for most of our lives and our dad has always worked multiple jobs to provide for our family (and you can forget about back massages). From what I understand it’s about taking our country out of the hands of the small number of big businesses (because let’s face it only rich people can actually buy politicians) and putting it back into the hands of those people who make up the majority of our country. Agree with me or not, it’s your choice–I’m not here to start a fight.

  6. Honestly, everybody involved in the Occupy movement (which has spread globally, and gets more violent and idiotic each day) claims to be protesting one thing or another or many things. From what I have gathered, every single person is fed up with how people in power are handling the economy and jobs. The problem is that most of these people have their focus misplaced. Most of these people choose the stupidest places and/or times to protest. While many claim to be the anti-TEA Party (and more true to the origianl Boston Tea Party), in truth both the Tea Party and Occupy movement are fed up over the same things. The Tea Party is just more respectful about it. As I read in another comment, for most of the occupiers it boils down to entitlement and misplaced (not necessarily wrong) anger.

    I think the Tea Party has lost some of its focus, and I think the vast majority of the Occupy movement is stupid (but not all). I do agree with most of their complaints (the few who can actually articulate an intelligent and thought out complaint).

  7. hey all! thank you for sharing you knowledge and opinions on the matter with me. i appreciate you taking the time to do a drive-by lesson-in-a-comment for me about this. you all are the best!

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