just a couple thoughts…


i just got a couple of thoughts today… so i don’t even know if this really counts as an actual post, or if this is more like a drive-by shout-out. call it what you want.

first things first…

are ya’ll still here? i mean, seeing as the world was supposed to end (again) last Friday. because if ya’ll are gone and i’m still here, then i’m screwed. which would be really unfortunate… for me (and my entire church) anyway.

oh, and who’s glad for the break from Questions/Answers from Dr. Gipp’s book? …yeah, yeah, yeah… put your hands down…

apparently Harold Camping decided he was wrong about his May 21 prediction, and apparently he also enjoyed the last stroke God sent his way after said failed prophecy, so he pushed his “today’s the day” prophecy back 5 months. this is starting to be a rinse-repeat type of issue. thank you, Mr. Camping, for making not only yourself but all of Christianity look retarded. thank.you.very.much.

secondly, i got my final grade back for a class i’ve been agonizing over all weekend. i definitely thought it was going to be the first class i’ve ever failed, but i was still hoping a praying for at least a C- in it. well… turns out i did better on the final than i thought i did. I got a 92% on the final, which landed me a B+ in the class. praise the Lord. {for those of you wondering, i did a happy dance in the middle of my cubical when i read the email. be jealous that you didn’t get to see it.}

also, i’ve been having a debate with some people over free will and heaven. i’d like to get your thoughts on it. here’s the convo – or at least part of it…

original question: “Will we have free will in heaven?”

Me: “will it matter? we’ll be in heaven. there is only perfection in heaven. the only thing that will matter to us at that point is praising the Lamb, shouting “Holy, Holy, Holy,” and “Thou art worthy, oh Lord, to receive honor and glory forever and ever. amen!” Who cares about free will or robotic mentatilites at that point? just give me Jesus.”

Response: “Would it be safe to say that if “there is only perfection in heaven” (to quote that you wouldn’t care for or need free will? Once we get to heaven will our only will be that of Christ’s? Unless of course you believe that you can fall from heaven…”

Me: “you cannot fall from heaven. if you’re there in the first place, you’re there by the finished work and grace of Jesus Christ. therefore, unless you believe God to be a liar and unable to keep His promises, you will not “perish, but have eve…rlasting life” (John 3:16). My point is, we were created by God for His pleasure (according to Revelation), and when we get to Heaven the only thing we’ll be concerned with is worshipping Jesus Christ. we will not be concerned with whether or not we have a free will to visit so-n-so’s mansion or swim in the river, or walk on the golden pavement. it won’t matter. we won’t care.”

Response: “Maybe we should be more specific and say: will you be able to freely will to do good or do evil?”

Me: “you CANNOT do evil in Heaven! Only perfection is allowed in Heaven. When we get there we will not be as we were here on earth. God cannot look on sin, God cannot be in the presence of sin — which is why He had to turn His back on His Son as He hung on the cross taking the sin of the world on His back. If sin could enter Heaven or be present in Heaven, then Heaven ceases to be Heaven, and God ceases to be Holy.”

Other Person: ‘Who cares about free will or robotic mentatilites at that point? just give me Jesus.’ I thought about this comment for a moment and was impressed to ask you Heather, what exactly does it mean when you say, ‘Just give me Jesus!’? Can you articulate how that is put into daily life, this attitude of ‘Just give me Jesus!’?”

Me: “if I was referring to daily life, that would make me a hypocrite. because I do not always desire Jesus on a momentary, daily, or even weekly basis. I was referring to Heaven – where, once we get there, He’s all we’re really going to care about.”

okay, let’s hear your thoughts. share away.
Will we have free will in Heaven, or no? Or you don’t know?


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  1. It’s clear to me that we will have free will in eternity, because he says in a couple of parables that those who proved they could be trusted with much in this life will be trusted with authority in the next one. We will have authority, perhaps over a few cities, so how can we exercise authority if we don’t have free will?

    By the way, the phrase “going to heaven” is nails on a chalkboard to me. God is in heaven now. We will not be spending eternity there ourselves. We’ll live in a large city which the bible specifically says comes down from heaven onto the new earth (Rev 21). In fact, you’ll never find a verse in the bible which says we are going to go to heaven. I think the phrase “inherit the kingdom of heaven” is what throws people off in this regard.

  2. Simply put, Yes! He didn’t make me a robot, nor will I become one. That’s not what He wanted, anyway, or Adam would still be in the garden tending “shrubberies.”

    But it is a fair question to ask, I suppose, especially if you are of the mindset that salvation is something that can be earned, or a relationship that can be changed. It would only make sense, then, that once in heaven (or the New Jerusalem, depending on whether or not you think Stephen was just having a hallucination, or Enoch and Elijah are just hovering around somewhere waiting for a place to light their feet), free will would allow for the choice to sin again, thereby forfeiting said “heaven” AND salvation.

    I would suggest that we will not sin, even though we will have a free will, because we will be free of the flesh and sin nature, being fully redeemed. We will no longer be subject to the desires of a sinful, fallen flesh that wars against us (Gal. 5:17; Rom. 7:23).

    (BTW, have ya’ll seen my “Monday Monkey” episode? It’s funny.)

  3. Free-will in heaven – it doesn’t matter. It only matters that we are in heaven (wherever that is) and with Jesus our Lord. It also *(to me) doesn’t matter whether we go to heaven or heaven comes down. We don’t need to believe either way to get into heaven.

    I believe that in heaven (wherever) that all our imperfections will be made perfect. The things that have annoyed us about other Christians will no long annoy us, because we have all been made perfect. They things that have annoyed others about us – will no longer do so. Just give me Jesus!

  4. In Heaven, in glorified state, with pure desires, would we ever do evil? What inward inclination would there ever be towards evil? That’s the part that confusing me. I have my own particular beliefs about free will anyway, but regardless of what view you take of that, does it really matter if you’re in heaven?

  5. First of all, congrats on passing your class!! 🙂

    Right now, we are so concerned about having free will but in heaven (yes, we WILL go to heaven or heaven will come to us if we are born-again > however you want to view it), it won’t even be a passing thought. All that we will care about is serving and praising our King! (as you said)

  6. Technically, we don’t even have a free will at this time. Adam and Eve did, but while we have Free Moral Agency, we don’t have a “Free Will”. Why? Because our will is corrupted by our sin nature, and we are ever bent towards sin. In order for our will to truly be free, our will cannot be influenced by anything inside us that makes us lean in a certain direction.

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