back when i was a teenager i dated this guy for about a year and a half. eventually this guy dumped me and went after my best friend at the time – she claimed she had no idea that he and i were dating for that year and a half. i call bullcrap on that.

i won’t get in the grimy details of the situation because it got pretty ugly there for awhile. i think it’s interesting what this guy’s nickname was though… it was Germ. “Germ”… like the things that you try to wash from your hands and protect your immune system from.

you know what germs are? they’re little things that can cause infections and illnesses if they get out of control.

looking back on my relationship with Germ, i should’ve seen it coming from miles away. that boy was the biggest flirt, the biggest player i think i’ve ever encountered. he was out of control when it came to women… he loved them all (just about). i remember feeling constantly threatened by every girl that batted her eyelashes at him because he batted his back. i remember feeling jealous more times than at ease because of the girls that literally threw themselves at him.

but i felt so lucky to be with such a handsome, popular guy – a guy who had no problem arguing with my much-older parents over the most stupid things. a guy that challenged my dad to a wrestling match after church one sunday afternoon. yeah, i was so lucky. (btw, Germ lost said wrestling match and ended up with a hole in his favorite pair of dress pants.)

you know what Germ really served to be in my life? a good example of what type of boys to avoid. he was like a germ in my dating life that made me sick of the whole scene. he was that initial bad taste in my mouth about relationships.

there are a lot of people like that in Christianity too – they function as a germ in that they float around in our churches and small groups infecting people with hypocrisy and negative attitudes. they serve as that initial bad taste in people’s lives who then look at Christianity and say they want nothing to do with it anymore.

but there are other things that serve as germs in the Christian life other than people. what about man-made rules, and works-based salvation beliefs, and hatred towards certain groups of people…?

it’s sad really that there are so many factors outside of Jesus Christ that people hold on to in an attempt to prove their spirituality. when all we really need is Jesus…

what are some other “germs” that are floating around Christianity today?
what are some ways that we can fight said “germs” in our lives?


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  1. I had a fiance leave me for her boss. I would say she was a “germ,” but she was of French decent. That’s worse.

  2. I am pretty sure that the parable of the wheat and the tares is directly about people who are true Christians and people who are Christian germs. (See Matthew 13:24-30)

    Also, right on!

    Third, attempting to copy a ministry plan universally from church to church, from city to city, from state to state, and even from country to country is a germ in the Church. Since people are different, different strategies will work differently. It just makes sense. Other than 1) let your light shine, 2) share the gospel, and 3) grow in your faith, there is no simple “follow these steps” plan that works across the board. Trying to achieve those results the same way every time ends up wasting time and money. Besides, I work with children full-time. They are just like adults: attention spans are very limited. Change is good!

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