between the lines.

{note: this is a repost of something i originally posted elsewhere on September 7, 2011 someplace that not many (if any) of you know about. just fyi.}

as i always do when my head is spinning in circles, i shut the world i’ve become acquainted with out – and turn to something new… or something older than the present. usually i follow that up with a new journal of sorts… something to track the memories in, the lessons learned, the answers found.

hence, here i am again.

i’m searching for that place between radical extremist and normal existence. before i can go on, i should define “radical” and “normal,” because i have specific things in mind.

i mean “radical” in the sense of extreme legalistic christianity – an ever-drawn out list of endless do’s and dont’s. seriously – the list could go on for ever, to the point of and beyond ridiculousness.

i mean “normal” in the sense of peaceful, controlled, living – a happy medium somewhere between man’s interpretation of the law, and what God really expects from us.

i don’t have the answers. obviously. i’ve been on both sides of the issue… i’ve defended both sides, i’ve fought against both sides. now, i just want the truth. what is really the thing i should be fighting for?

am i placing myself somewhere between the hot and cold of it? am i wasting my life following a bunch of restricting, legalistic rules that i was never meant to follow? am i making this harder than it’s supposed to be?

is there really a place i can stand between the lines of both extremes?

i’m determined to find out…



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  1. The fact that you are asking this question is a great sign, Heather. It’s an extremely important thing to ask.

  2. I have been there before, and continually end up there. Hit me up if you need anything.

  3. You have to develop your own personal convictions. A set of standards should be between you and God, never forced on you by other people. My personal stance is that I will not take part in anything that causes me to violate a clear command from God. Nor will I purposely do anything that could cause another person to violate God’s commands, even if it is not sin to me.

  4. Heather,

    I want to reply (besides this), but first want to take time to pray and think about it. I do agree heartily with James Williams above. Wanting the answers is the first key, crucial thing. And admitting it to God. Some of those answers come quickly; some slowly. Some come from Bible reading; others from Christian books. Some from experiences. Some from friends; some from people we’d never met. Some from praying and listening quietly but faithfully for the answers. And in more ways too. Meantime –

    God bless you.

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