The Answer: name callers.

The Answer:  No.

The Explanation:
In recent years, the issue of a perfect Bible has been expertly handled by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman. Dr. Ruckman is a highly educated teacher/preacher who accepts the Antiochian manuscript as authentic and views them with the Antiochian ideology that accepts the Bible as perfect.

Dr. Ruckman’s style is forceful in regard to the authority of Scripture and his treatment of Bible critics is devastating. His approach to most Bible issues is one of grace, where many Christians lack such grace. But on the singular issue of the authority of Scripture his approach is similar to the Apostle Paul (II Corinthians 10:10) and the great English scholar, John William Burgon.

A very few advocates of the perfect Bible, lacking Dr. Ruckman’s scholastic qualifications have assimilated his caustic style with tragic results.

The broad majority of King James Bible believers do not utilize this style simply because it is not their natural style.

©All material is copyright of Dr. Sam Gipp. Used with permission.


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  1. Don’t know much about the Antiochan mss per say, so won’t comment on that. But do want to apologize if you recently got a strange e-mail supposedly from us. We got hacked, and I think everyone in our address book (which I can’t access right now because our home computer’s down) got one; hence this method of giving you an apology. Our provider has made sure it won’t happen again – at least not from anyone in the sex trade in Russia, which is where that came from. PLEASE ignore it. Thanks.

  2. This is true of many people. A few are able to gracefully and knowledgeably argue their points (regardless of the topic), while most people either fumble it up or completely destroy their argument by resorting to … less tactful means of forceful explanation.

    Sadly, I have seen KJVO’s, anti-KJVO’s (you know they exist!), “my-favorite-version” only-ists, and those who argue for all versions/translations/paraphrases resort to name calling and character assassination.

    Fortunately, I have seen people from all of those groups respond with Christ-like attentiveness.

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