Snow day snippets. {10.8.11}


i’m bringing back some “oldies” and perhaps a couple “newies.” enjoy.

oh. and not to rub it in or anything, but… i have a 4-day weekend this week. yeehaw!  :]

anywho… here we go…

first things first — i have a new twitter account. sooo, if you have twitter, get your happy butt over to it and follow me: @heatherrjoyy (yes, that’s 2 r’s and 2 y’s). yes, you want to.

Does Christian = Republican?  –  “Politics deals in the masses. Christ wants to deal with the individual. I don’t think Jesus was a Republican. I don’t think He was a Democrat, either. He was God. When we as Christians enter the voting booth, we should enter as people who have been given the freeing gift of His Truth, and let that truth, our own consciences, and our thoughtful study of the issues and candidates before us guide our vote.”

I Am… (Insert Response Here)  –  “It was disturbing to me, but others didn’t seem to care.  I looked around to see if anyone had a visible reaction, but saw none. We were all chatting; sharing work stories, kids stories – ya’ know, the usual catch up stuff when you’ve not seen your friends in a month or so. During a casual story about her daughter, Lisa retold the happenings of the previous day, in a more than placid way.  We all listened.”

Terrible, Biblical Dating Advice  –  “There’s plenty of helpful stuff in the Bible. It tells us how to love each other and how to be decent and how to not burn in the eternal hellfire of damnation. So awesome. What it doesn’t talk a whole lot about is dating. In fact, when it does touch on wooing, it’s pretty horrifying. It almost always ends badly.”

how to date: 4 ways to figure out where to go  –  “i also like moonshine straight out of the jar.  but sometimes it’s a red wine kind of night or tequila and lime or even something that comes in a fish bowl with a neon green umbrella sticking out of it. dates are the same way. there’s an ebb and flow of preference and mood.  sometimes understated with a dash of sophistication, sometimes over the top and ridiculous.”

I don’t care.  –  just a little shameless self-promoting throwback here… | “Lest you have a false impression about how I feel about certain things, let me set the record straight.  But before I do, let me also state that I’m aware that I have some standards in my life that some of my readers do not have. I’m also aware that some of you may think I’m off my rocker for adhering to said standards.”

Glass or Wood? Depends On What You’re Hiding  –  “What am I talking about? Pulpits. Sacred desks. Lecturns. The piece of furniture behind which preachers stand and do battle with the devil, not to mention anoint the blessed on the front row with sanctified spittle. Believe it or not, many have nearly gone to fists over whether the wooden pulpit should be replaced with a more modern, see-through, beautifully-etched glass one. I don’t know why it is such a big deal, except for pastors who might feel totally naked with nothing to hide behind.”

that’s about it. have a great weekend! :]


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  1. You are not rubbing it in over here. My wife and I have the next week off from work!

  2. Perfect timing for a “snow day snippets!” Yesterday it snowed here for the first time this fall. Today much of it down low is melted, but the mountain above us is still thoroughly covered!


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