methinks Jesus hates spam too.

after being away from this blog for almost  month, the spam in my comments que was maxed out. for real.

what exactly is spam? it’s a bunch of pointless adds people make up and shoot off into the cyberworld to promote their website, product, or retarded company.

no, i’m not even slightly interested in checking out your porn site.
no, i don’t care that you earned $5000 in three days off of this new blogging company.
no, little russian girl, i don’t want to “be your new friend” and eventually marry you.
no, i’m not looking for a pair of knock-off nike tennis shoes.
no, i don’t want your highly-intellectual advice about how to better my website.

i spent about 15 minutes trying to clean out all the spam. and i was annoyed.

i wonder if that’s how Jesus feels when he looks at Christians. i wonder if He hates “Christian spam”…

He gave us the Bible and told us how to live, but somehow that doesn’t seem to be enough for us. so we go and make up a bunch of pointless rules and shoot them off into the Christian community and condemn anyone who doesn’t follow said rules to a T.

that’s not cool. and it’s annoying.

because no matter how much you may think you’re an expert on Christianity, nobody really cares how much you know unless you can actually prove that you care about them.


no, i don’t want your legalistic rules being slapped on my life.
no, i don’t care about the hypocritical judgement your every glare at me holds.
no, i’m not looking for a new-age Christian bondage when i’ve been promised freedom in Christ.
no, i’m not interested in your knock-off brand of spirituality.
no, pharasee, i’m not even the least bit interested in following your poor example.

so save your spammy Christian rules for someone else and leave me alone to live my life the way Jesus originally told me to 2000 years ago. He knows more than you do anyway.

btw, being a Christian is awesome. it’s even “cool,” in my opinion. because basically, you get to have your cake and eat it too. (and there’s nothing i love better than a piece of chocolate cake smothered in chocolate frosting. yeah, eat that, diet!).

{let this be a little hint regarding what’s to come in the near future on this blog…}

do you find spam annoying as much as i do?
if you were going to label some “Christian rules” as spam, which ones would they be?


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  1. heather…there are lots of other Christians who feel the same way you do about modern-day lealistic Pharisees. i once was one, but thank God that He delivered me from that and from those kind of people. coming out of an IFB church was one of the best decisions that i have ever made, the church i go to now is such a blessing, it sounds like you are going through some of the same things. maybe you should consider another church.

  2. But have you had chocolate cake with home-made cream cheese icing? Hmmm? Maybe my Christianity IS better than yours. Hmmm?

  3. heather…i am not suggesting a change in doctrinal belief, just a change in what TYPE of church you go to. you would be suprised that many non-denom church are baptistic. you will also see people that are real and love the missing puzzle piece in the IFB…Jesus. Seems like I have never heardso much preaching and teaching about Jesus since I left. You can also find people that openly talk about their love for Jesus. You will also see people referring to Him as Jesus (more personal) than Christ (less personal). Hope you find that freedom and liberation. It will make you a happier and more joyous person.

    • Sorry, I’m missing the point to this comment. Firstly, Heather never mentioned an issue with her church, but with people spamming doctrine down her throat. Secondly, what is a “non-denom” church? I’ve heard of them, but really they organised just like other denominations, they have ways of interpreting the Bible, & some expert who tells s/he thinks the bible means rather than what it says. They also separate themselves from other Christians with terms like, “change […] what TYPE of church you go to.” So I think that this “non-denom” thing is a little farcical, the only churches u want to associate with are non-demon churches.

      • I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I do associate with churches that are denominational. What I was saying was that many (not all) non-denom. churches believe the same doctrine as Baptist churches, yet often without the Pharisical, judgmental attitude that most IFB churches have and extra-Biblical, man-made rules that Heather was referring to in her post. I went to IFB churches for almost 20 years and youth pastored for 9 years, so I am familiar with them. I thank God for the freedom that He has given my family and me and would never go back.

  4. I have found that there is a growing trend of people who seem to judge their churches by bitterness or experiences rather than Scripture. Along those lines, I do believe that being an Independent Baptist follows the New Testament pattern, and I have also had some pretty good experiences too. 🙂

    It was in an IFB church that God saved me. It was through the ministry of an IFB church that God pricked my heart with His word. It was in an IFB church that people taught me to love and be kind one to another. God used an IFB church to show me dedication and sacrifice for the Lord. It was in an IFB church that I learned to praise the Lord and desire Him. It was in an IFB church that I had a pastor who loved me, guided me, helped me, and truly desired for me to be more like Christ than I ever had been. It was in an IFB church that I learned about holiness, godliness, and separation. It was in an IFB church that God gave me a family. I have seen prayers answered, people saved, lives changed, and the sweet Spirit of the Lord touch meetings.

    Obviously, I am not suggesting that IFB must be on the church sign for it to be blessed. I am just thankful to be saved. I am grateful for my church family, and I am happy to be identified as an Independent Baptist.

    • You said: “I have found that there is a growing trend of people who seem to judge their churches by bitterness or experiences rather than Scripture.”

      ^^^ and *where* did I once mention anything about my church in this post? oh right… I didn’t. Besides that, I’ve been bitter before, and I am FAR from it right now – so that isn’t it.

      And throughout your comment, I almost got the feeling that you hold your IFB church on a higher plain than Jesus. Sure, God can use *anything* of His choosing — but I’d much rather get to know Jesus through His Word than through an organized institution who claims to have it all right. Again, I’m not bitter. Just giving you some food for thought.

      Thank you for the comment.

  5. Heather, I don’t think I mentioned anything about your church, but I am sorry that I did not make myself more clear. My intent was not to accuse you of anything, Heather. I was only offering a general observation as a gentle warning; I don’t want anyone, myself included, to fall into that trap.

    I am very thankful for the way God has used my church in my life. I think if I were to lose sight of God working in my life, including what He has used and who He has used, then I would have lost something wonderful.

    I hope you have a great day!

  6. Great analogy! I get a lot of spam comments too! I think that is just what happens when you have a blog…

  7. Loved this.That’s it.

  8. Hi, I found you on google because I was looking for material on this subject for my own blog, my spam issues are different though. I couldn’t help but think as I read that a post like this would simply open u up to more spam. I wasn’t disappointed, when I read the comment advertising the IFB. The number of people who mentioned how unhappy you were in your beliefs only confirmed my long held suspicion that most Christians are illiterate. I have 5 simple questions which I ask people when they don’t have a Bible at hand to look up the answers, mostly people get zero, the best is 2 or 3, that’s off topic though. I was wondering, what man made rules are, are they rules you don’t agree with? Are they rules that are categorically not found in the Bible? As far as I can tell, Jesus seemed to have a level of legalism, john 14:15. Are the Ten Commandments man made, or do they constitute God’s law? (Since He wrote them with His own finger, twice.) Does salvation by grace by faith really mean that you can have your cake and eat it too? Or does it mean that as a Christian you have a responsibility to keep God’s laws, in appreciation of the sacrifice He made for you? In your reply to Ryan Garber you made reference to being a Baptist, but to not agreeing with their “man made rules.” if they have contaminated their doctrine with man made rules, wouldn’t they then be false teachers, & a false religion? Isn’t false religion something Christians should stay away from? I’d be interested to here your answers. Look forward to hearing from you, God bless.

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