so. um. i’m sorry…


how goes it? do you remember me? are you mad at me for disappearing for a while?

oh sure, sure… for the past few weeks the Monday and Tuesday posts have published as usual… but that’s only because they were put in a couple of months ago and auto-scheduled. otherwise i really would have left you hanging high and dry.

so. um. i’m sorry…

and i don’t want you to get your hopes up while you’re reading this post, because i don’t know how often i’ll be posting on this site again. i told you before that i’m a huge committment phobe, and nothing has changed in that area of my life. heck, i even cheated on my diet last night. it won’t even speak to me now… whatev.

those of you who were friends with me on facebook may also be wondering why i “deleted you” as friends. relax. i didn’t. i deactivated my facebook account. unless you also have 2200+ people connected to you on facebook, you have no idea how much pressure comes with it. just about every status update i posted turned into a miniature battle zone. i had people all up in my business and some people posting degrading and even offensive posts on my wall just because i had an opinion and wasn’t afraid to share it with people… especially men. and apparently that’s a huge “no no” because “women aren’t supposed to correct men or usurp his authority as the teacher and all-knowing-sidekick to God Almighty.” which, in my opinion, is complete crap. there i go again… sharing my opinions… *sigh*

to be honest, i needed a break. i needed some time to breathe freely. i needed some space to think about things without constantly having someone breathing down my neck and telling me i’m an infidel, “Bible-rejecting,” liberal, worldly, “Jesus-hating,” rebellious girl who needed to find her place back in the kitchen.

oh! and i also learned that i’m still single because i’m not a stupid female who doesn’t question man’s opinions and doesn’t know how to shine shoes and repair socks with holes in them. who knew…? if only i hadn’t failed that sewing class, i could’ve been married with five children and one in the oven by now. darnit.

i have another confession to make: i really haven’t been reading any of your blogs for the past month or so (or however long i’ve been MIA). again, i’m sorry. i still get the emails every time you publish a new blogpost… and i’ve read a *couple* of them, but not consistently like i used to. i would say that i’m going to try to catch up on everyone’s blog and read everything that i’ve missed, but that would be a lie…

truth is, i barely have time to do my homework these days. and i’ve been fighting the flu for the past week (that’s been real fun) – i currently sound like a man. a sexy man, but a man nonetheless. you’re right, that was unnecessary…

ok. so enough rambling.

what i am planning on doing is filling you in on some of the stuff i’ve been re-evaluating in my life over the past month. i’ll try to explain why i’ve been doing it too. but not today. i will say this though – some of what i will write about may shock the socks off some of you. some of what i will write may change your opinions about me dramatically. some may consider me unstable in my Christian life. that’s okay… judge on — but know that i’m only concerned with what God thinks of me.

until then… laterz.  ;]


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  1. Great post Heather. I don’t blame you about FB. I love/hate it. I hope everything is ok. Looking forward to your next post. Btw this is Heather. Yes I did start a new blog lol.

  2. All I can say is “good for you.” Glad you’re taking it easy. My blog posts weren’t that great, either, so you didn’t miss much 😉

  3. Hey, I know you! I think I have a blog, too—not entirely sure.

  4. You grow, girl. Praying for you. Sounds to me like we’re paddling in the same boat.

  5. Heather I SO appreciate your honesty! It’s refreshing. 🙂
    Enjoy your break, rest, and hope your time with the Lord is sweet. I’m looking forward to your next post so I don’t have to feel alone as an “unstable Christian.”

  6. never got on facebook, twitter, or any of those, so don’t know the experience. But I know they can be a real waste of time. Better to center yourself on Christ. God bless.

    • I wouldn’t write them off as a complete “waste of time” — i’ve found each of those sites to be very useful and helpful at times. Not to mention, they’re a good way to relax and stay connected with people from time to time.

      God bless.

  7. Will keep on praying for you, Heather, especially that God will guide in your re-evaluating and help you continue to walk doing the things HE wants you to the MOST.

    Not to add anything MORE to what’s on your list, but if you ever have a chance, you may enjoy “Mad Church Disease” by Anne Jackson. It’s about church workers burning out by trying to do too much. (If we’re caring people, we see all sorts of things that should be done, and often try to do them all. But we need to remember that He’s our Lord. We “work” for him. HE decides our priorities – or should.)

    So I, for one, TRY to ask every day “Lord, what do YOU want me to do today?” (Not perfect at it. But it does amazing things to my list of what I really get done every day, and the lasting effects those things have.)

    God bless.

  8. Glad to see the edginess back. It’s not me (pizza without tomato sauce would be radical for me). But it is so you and the reason I find your blog interesting.

    • Haha. the “edginess” — i dare say there may be a lot more of it before i’m through here. LOL. Thank you for coming back and continuing to read and comment at this blog.

  9. Sorry to hear you got treated that way,. I was your FB friend till recently, but I didn’t unfriend you. I say that so say that I am sorry I didn’t see conversations where you were treated like that; I would have come to your defense. Anyway, I have done the school thing, so completely understand. Study hard, and be who God made you to be. 😉

  10. Hey,
    I would have to say, that is good to take a break… I’ve never been consistant with my blogging and I have always wanted to. But, I’ve come to the point that if i have to put my life on a blog for people to know where I stand then I’m not living my Christ life out enough. I’m glad you got some rest. and though i may not have agreed with all your views (as im sure people dont agree with mine and no one will ever agree on everything.) I really have enjoyed your blog and have missed it! anyways Praying for ya!

    • Thank you – it was definitely a much-needed break from the daily grind of having to write something to publish every day (minus Sunday). It was nice to go to bed without worrying about what was scheduled to post at 7:00 AM the next morning.

      Thank you for the prayers – they are much appreciated. :] God Bless!

      oh yeah… and keep in mind that nobody is going to agree with everybody 100% of the time. it’s what makes the world go ’round. well, that and other things… ha. :]

  11. One of the reasons I fell in love with my wife is because she is not afraid to voice her opinions and correct me when necessary (and sometimes when it is not). She is the best accountability partner I have ever had! Also, I sew better than she does, but we both cook and clean.

    I have not been reading as much, either. You saw my comment several weeks ago. College student, working in ministry in many facets, dealing with financial obligations, and two weeks ago I started working full-time in a classroom for autistic 1st and 2nd grade students. Now, we are planning on moving in just over a month. I historically have been a form of committment-phobe, as well, so maintaining my blog has been a trip.

    All this to say, good work. Get some rest. Still praying for you.

    Sorry for writing so much, but I know you understand.

  12. You are a very strong person. Don’t let anyone get you down. They’re not worth it. What the Lord sees is all that matters.

  13. You are a very strong person. Don’t let anyone get you down. They’re not worth it. What the Lord sees is all that matters.

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