Question of the day: saved through the KJV?

Continuing on in the series of questions put forth by Dr. Sam Gipp in His book “The Answer Book.”* 

Several people have asked me why I continue to post questions from Dr. Gipp’s book when I myself claim to not agree with him completely. The short and sweet of it is this: I am grasping at every second I have these days. I work full time (plus some), go to school full time (plus some), work several church ministries, and have a bunch of other projects going on – in addition to this blog. Hence, by posting these questions/answers two days a week, it helps me free up a little bit of time… which, in the end, helps keep my sanity in tact.  :]  See… it’s a win/win situation.

As I said before, the point of these questions is not to start a Baptist War, but rather encourage everyone to engage in a discussion and learn from and among fellow believers. I believe everyone’s doing a good job at sticking to the purpose.

I don’t want you to rely on “he said, she said” or even unconfirmed history. Read your Bible, study accurate accounts of History, pray about it, and take what you don’t understand by faith.

I will post Dr. Gipp’s written answer to the question tomorrow, so be sure to check back on here for the answer to today’s question.

Here’s the question for today…

Someone said, “The King James Bible is the word of God because I got saved through it!” Is that statement correct?

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Scriptures to back your position?

*All material from “The Answer Book”© is used on Grow Up! with permission received directly from Dr. Sam Gipp.


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  1. It is a faulty question because of what it assumes.

  2. Yes and no. I appreciate a band called Peniel because God used the lives of the band members to get my attention at a weekend retreat. Did Peniel save me? No. Did God use the band to open my heart to Jesus? Yes.

    Does everyone need to listen to Peniel in order for God to speak to them? No. Does everyone need to open their hearts to Jesus? Yes.

    The KJV serves God and His Kingdom but it is not “the” way to get saved. Jesus is “the Way, the Truth, the Life…”

  3. For myself? The KJV played a big role. It was the one my first pastor used and the one I read. But I know many people today who do not read the KJV for one simple reason: they can’t understand it, thanks to its long-out-of-date English. Because of that, they could/would never get saved through it. They have become Christians, however, through reading or hearing a wide variety of other more modern versions.

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