“Whom shall I send…?”

Earlier this month I started a new series of Questions found in the Bible. You can find the previous posts here, here, and here.

And as I stated before, these posts aren’t necessarily in 100% agreement context-wise. Rather, I’m using a verse to simply ask a question, share my heart, and make a point.

In a world full of comforts and technology, it’s easy to get used to a way of living. We become “dependent” on the various things that people 50 years ago never had.

The internet.
Motion-sensor lighting.
Car starters.
Air conditioning.
Facebook. (!!)
Instant everything.

But what if God called you away from all of that? What if God called you to go somewhere that resembled a third-world country… or WAS a third-world country? What if God called you to be a Missionary in the jungles and hills of Africa? …Somewhere without internet access. Somewhere without good roads and nice cars. Somewhere were air conditioning isn’t an option. Somewhere far away from your friends and family?

“Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.” ~ Isaiah 6:8

“Whom shall I send…?”

The Lord is looking for people who will go to the four corners of the world and spread the Gospel. Would you be willing to uproot your life as you know it and move your family perhaps across an ocean or a mountain range to serve the Lord on the Mission field?

Are you at least surrendered to go somewhere if He should call you in the future?

Oh no… if I surrender myself to be willing to go, then He’ll send me to Africa for sure. And I do notwant to go to Africa…!

Not necessarily. Sometimes God’s just looking for someone who is willing. Sometimes He just wants to know that if He did call you, you’d obey. It’s about surrendering your will.

The question in the verse isn’t left without a response. Someone answered the call. Someone said “Here am I; send me.” – and God used him greatly.

Have you surrendered your will to the Lord?
Has the Lord called you to minister in some way that you’re a little apprehensive about?
f He called you to the Mission field, would you willingly go?
hat’s holding you back from surrendering your life wholly to the Lord?


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  1. Good point. I don’t think that God calls most people to Africa per se. I do think he calls everyone to SOMETHING. we are so very worries we may have to go to China that we won’t surrender our will at all.

    The great commission as given in acts say, “Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the world” it is easy to be worried so much about being sent to the ‘uttermost part’ that we won’t even go to our own Judea.

    Maybe God is just calling you to go across the street to your neighbor whom you haven’t witnessed to, or call a lost family member.

    We ought to be doing SOMETHING….right?

  2. I am still dying to know where God will send me. I surrendered my life to the mission field in November 2009, and I have had no direct place designated yet. He just told me I would work with the Muslim community. It could be somewhere in the US or somewhere overseas. I get so anxious sometimes. I pray that when I go to school in January, He will shed some light there.

    My spirit is excited and my flesh is completely freaked out!!

    On the other hand, I need to get out of my comfort zone here, and start treating the world around me more like a mission field! Cuz it is!

    • Have you considered talking with Frontiers (frontiers.org)? They are an amazing ministry whose sole purpose is reaching out to the Muslim community around the world. They start your training by teaching you to look at all people as in need of a Savior!

      Just a suggestion!

    • Thank you so much for this post! I love mteieng others who love the Lord with all their hearts.

  3. Heather! Your series reminds me of a book I have on my ‘to read’ pile called Holy Curiosity! It’s about the questions that Jesus asked. I don’t know if its any good yet but I shall inform you once I’ve read it!

  4. One of the greatest … what is a good term … peaceful disappointments in my life came when I finally said to God “I have been trying to get overseas again for so long, but I am open to whatever you have for me!” That is when He told me I was not meant for full-time, overseas missions. Rather, I am to help prepare those who will go.

  5. I had a desire to be involved in missions at a very young age, probably around 10yrs old. I surrendered to wherever God wanted me to go, and I was willing to go ANYWHERE! Africa… Asia… Jungle… Wilderness… Timbuktu… none of those places freaked me out. I totally would have gone anywhere, even the most crazy and remote place. Well, it turns out that God started giving me a burden for my own country, Canada. I was OK with that too, it just wasn’t quite as “romantic” as the foreign mission field :). I got a position working full-time in a church ministry after I graduated Bible College, and I figured that was it. I could work in ministry in Canada and I was good to go. Then God started giving me a burden for my home church and town. REALLY???? Here I was, all ready to go without any hesitation to what most people consider the scariest mission fields, and God wants me to go home!! God actually moved me back home through a bunch of crazy circumstances, gave me a job, a house, and a church that needed my help. No matter how much I was willing to go to the foreign mission field, I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that home is where God wants me, and I have such GREAT peace being here. I think we need to realize that the mission field is not just some far away place. North America NEEDS missionaries almost worse than some African countries. And who better to reach North Americans than North Americans? We’re right here, and the people all around us need someone to tell them about Christ!

    I’m very thankful to be a missionary in my home town, and I’m so glad God called me here :). Although, I’m still willing to go to overseas if He changes His mind :).

  6. It’s getting harder and harder to go somewhere that doesn’t have Internet access. In 1995, my family and I had the privilege of living in Russia at a time where our phone service was a daily reason for prayer and checking email meant getting on a local bus or tram to visit friends in a neighborhood with better telephone service.

    I spent time in Europe (summer 2010) and in the Middle East (this past summer) on two short-term mission trips. I wrote an E-zine article called “Across the Room or Around the World, Let’s Talk” which shares how much answering the call “Who will go?” has changed over the years. (http://engagemagazine.com/Magazine-Content/Stories/October-2010/Across-the-Room-or-Around-the-World,-Let-s-Talk.aspx)

  7. You are amiazng. Way to go! I loved reading this and getting to know you a little more. You live a beautiful life!

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