I don’t care.

I know this blog is full of opinions and (oftentimes) just a bunch of hot air. And to be honest, over the past couple of weeks I seriously considered bringing this episode of my life to a close and walking away from this blog.

So far I haven’t acted on that yet…

Lest you have a false impression about how I feel about certain things, let me set the record straight. But before I do, let me also state that I’m aware that I have some standards in my life that some of my readers do not have. I’m also aware that some of you may think I’m off my rocker for adhering to said standards. With that said, here’s what I really wanted to say in this post…

I don’t care.

There, I said it.

I don’t care if you agree with me or not. I didn’t write this blog to attract a group of people who would hold hands with me, sing Kum-By-Yah, and pat me on the back in absolute agreement. In fact, my writing this blog had nothing to do with any one of you. It had everything to do with God.

With that said, there’s a few other things I don’t care about.

I don’t care what Bible version you read.

I don’t care if your wife wears pants.

I don’t care if you listen to Contemporary Christian Music.

I don’t care if you go to a liberal mega church.

I don’t care if you go to church once, twice, three, or five times a week.

I don’t care if you drink alcohol till your liver rots.

I don’t care if you cuss like a sailor.

I don’t care if you judge me.

I don’t care if you read romance novels.

I don’t care if you have a MySpace account.

I don’t care if you watch R-rated movies.

I don’t care if you go to the theater.

I don’t care if you work on Sundays.

I don’t care if you listen to “worldly” music.

I don’t care if you wear plaid shorts with a striped t-shirt.

I don’t care.

Why? Because those things in your life are none of my business. What is my business is how I live my life. My business includes doing what I feel the Lord is leading me to do to live a life pleasing to Him, no matter what anyone else says.

I’m not out to make your day. I’m not out to make my mom’s day. I’m not out to make the pastor’s day. I’m out to make God’s day — because that’s all that really matters.

With that said, I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. And, as all living things do, they grow over time – the same goes for spiritual things. When you grow, things change. When you grow spiritual, sometimes your opinions and views change a little here and there.

I’m doing a lot of re-evaluating in my life right now. I’m not asking that you agree or even like the changes that may take place in my life. I only ask that you be patient with me. Because sometimes growing pains hurt…

Have you done any re-evaluating in your life lately?
What are some changes that you’ve made in your life recently?


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  1. Well said…It’s why I blog..so I can think about what I do and don’t believe. You keep on keeping on in the Lord.

  2. Heather, thanks for your honesty. I hope you keep blogging. I enjoy what you write. I even get something out of reading what you post by others, although “get something out of” is not equal to agreeing (I’m looking at you, Dr Gipp) 😉

    But you should keep blogging regardless of whether I, or anyone, reads it. If you don’t blog, you should find some way of writing down your thoughts. I know for experience you will be glad you did, years later, as you go back and re-read it.

    • Thank you for your comment, James. I do enjoy writing. So even if I did eventually bring this blog to a close, I’d still find an outlet somehow someway.

      • I just read your post in more details, and I have a question. If my wife wears pants while I wear a dress, with a beer in one hand and the remote control to my DVD which is showing a R-rated movie with Beatles music in it in my other hand, do you care? Please reply using King James English.


  3. Yeah?…
    Actually, that’s a lie. I do care. That’s why my soap box is getting a little worn out.

    But in regards to you, Heather, please keep doing what you do in your “un-caring” way and we’ll all be happy 😉

    • I care… but not about the side issues. Because, really, it’s none of my business what your standards are.

      What I DO care about is what you’re trusting in to get you to Heaven.

      Thank you for the comment, Pastor Baker. :]

  4. As you said, you do it for God. Keep doing it for God. Anyone who doesn’t like it can find another blog. There are plenty out there that will agree with them. Keep your eyes on the King, and He will use you for His honor and glory! Nothing else matters! If the Lord directs you to quit blogging, of course you should. However, please do not quit in frustration because that also will not glorify the Father.

    You have a knack for writing, and God will use that! 🙂

  5. Write.
    And don’t stop.
    Because God cares.
    And your voice matters.

    Loved this post.

  6. I deal with theology every day, so I am constantly re-evaluating! Sometimes I head entirely in the right direction, sometimes I start heading off in a different direction, but either way God usually thumps me sumthin good!

    I was just saying basically this same thing to some people yesterday. Good job focusing your priorities on God!

    Now, if you will kindly excuse me, it is after 2:00 pm, and I have not had lunch, yet!

  7. Great blog post. I can relate.

  8. Right focus–to make God’s day–and I appreciate the no-nonsense style you use to share your thoughts. Yep, growing pains is an accurate name for the stuff we go through as we mature. I think this whole “don’t judge me” thing seems to be stirring in the Wind. That’s a thinking/growing area right now in my life.

  9. Heather, I agree with Rodalena. I’d hate to see you stop this blog.

    But as you “re-evaluate,” can I pass on one suggestion?

    A friend of mine, Joan (her real name) told me about a lady who attended the church Joan’s husband was then pastoring in Chicago. Every year, that lady picked one subject and, though the year, did a thorough Bible study on it. Joan said it was very impressive, and that her friend grew tremendously.

    I’ve done that twice myself, and, looking back, I wish I’d done it much more often. Like Joan’s friend, I did indeed grow a great deal both times. Tho it forced me to make choices and decide where my loyalty really was. Was it to my church? Or to God and the Bible? (What I learned could have been divided almost equally into 3 parts: things where the Bible and my church agreed; others where they didn’t; and things the Bible taught which my church didn’t even think about.) All were real eye openers.

    Especially the last time, which was on what the Bible really means when it says “love your neighbors.” For now, you can read that one (or not, your choice) free at our web site (www.sparkleofnature.com). (It also has over 200 free desktop/screen saver pictures my daughter’s put up, which you’re welcome to download).

    Whatever you choose, Heather, the best of God’s will to you. We’ll keep praying for you.

  10. …But then, if you’re made in Gods image, does he care? o_0

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