Question of the day: today’s scholars better equipped?

Today is week 15 in the series of questions put forth by Dr. Sam Gipp in His book “The Answer Book.”* I feel like these questions have been beneficial for people on both sides of the fence:  you share your thoughts, others share their thoughts – everyone learns something in between.

As I said before, the point of these questions is not to start a Baptist War, but rather encourage everyone to engage in a discussion and learn from and among fellow believers. I believe everyone’s doing a good job at sticking to the purpose.

I don’t want you to rely on “he said, she said” or even unconfirmed history. Read your Bible, study accurate accounts of History, pray about it, and take what you don’t understand by faith.

I will post Dr. Gipp’s written answer to the question tomorrow, so be sure to check back on here for the answer to today’s question.

Here’s the question for today…

Aren’t today’s scholars better equipped to translate the Bible than the King James translators were?

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Scriptures to back your position?

*All material from “The Answer Book”© is used on Grow Up! with permission received directly from Dr. Sam Gipp.


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  1. Aren’t today’s doctors better equipped to meet the medical needs of today than the doctors of 1611?

    Maybe we should go back to bleeding people when they’re ill, because everything was apparently so much better back then…

  2. Archeological finds help us understand the scriptures better. That’s something that has arisen over the past century and a half. Anyone who has traveled to “the Holy Land” has a better understanding of the Bible (meaning better after the trip than before, not “I went to the Holy Land so I know more than you do because you didn’t”). I was never really interested in going there but went this past summer mainly because a number of good friends planned to go. I just didn’t want to miss a party like that. I’m even wearing my “Whatta Party! abreadcrumb and fish” t-shirt in today’s post on my website. Someone took my picture at Petra in Jordan. So, yes, today’s scholars are better equipped on the one hand to translate the Bible, especially within the context of biblical times and today’s culture.

  3. Having two seminary degrees, I can say that I did leave school feeling equipped. However, as the years faded from my school days, I feel impotent to spread the gospel. Scholars in seminary were plentiful. But for all of the debate, it would seem that a lot of things were bantered back and forth that really didn’t matter. I went to seminary in New Orleans. People around us were dying without Christ. Less time should have been spent in classroom time and more time invested in field work would’ve helped tremendously. After graduation and some years for perspective, I wish they would’ve taken us into the field more, taught us how to preach to actual people, and shown us the practical aspects of theology instead of focusing on the ivory tower approach. That’s just me. Not trying to ruffle anyone’s feathers. I just feel like the emphasis was more on books and less on making disciples. And really, isn’t this what it’s all about?

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