Snow day snippets {8.27.11}

Well, if you happened to cross this blog’s path yesterday, you probably noticed that this weekend’s SDS post published a day early. my bad.

And in that post I apologized for missing out on last weekend’s SDS post. Yeah, lately I’ve really been botching it up here, haven’t I…?

So, since I can’t seem to get a handle on the situation, perhaps you can do a little better job. Let’s try it, eh?

It’s falling on your shoulders today. It’s your turn to shine. You get to provide the links for this weeks post!

You can accomplish this in a few different ways. In the comments section…

  1. Post any and all links to any amusing or interesting articles you came across this week.
  2. Post links to any articles you have written that you think people would enjoy (past or present).
  3. Post links to any blogs you think deserve more readership.
  4. If you were a superhero, what would your charater name be AND what would your major superpower be?
Ready… Set… Go!

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  1. Nah, You’ve been fine over here!

    Here is a guest post that Jon Stolpe wrote on my site yesterday:

    His site is awesome! You can check it out at:

  2. I’m going to do a shameless self promo here… is a good place to go for encouragement and uplifting meditations every day.

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