Snow day snippets {8.26.11}

First of all, I want to apologize that there was no SDS post last week. I thought I had one scheduled for that weekend, but apparently I did not…

So I will try to make up for my boo-boo in this weeks post.

My brother and I hosted a 4-months-late get together with a bunch of friends last night, and we were up pretty late. Chances are, I may still be sleeping while you’re reading this. just saying…

And I’m STILL trying to recover from everything between July 8 and today. I need a vacation. Like, a “legit” vacation on a deserted island somewhere. Just me, the water, a pillow, and a servant. Ha.

Anywho… here’s a few links for you to take a gander at. (Yes, I said gander.)

A life with no buts  –  “Thank God that His grace extends far enough to see the good in us along side the flaws. But me? I want more. Oh that I could be like Hezekiah, to have a report like he receives in 2 Kings 18:5-6…”

What You Have to Do for God isn’t so Great  –  “Purging our stuff, packing up boxes and driving north, we were ready and willing for the “great” and “big” stuff to find us! Visions of what was ahead of us clouded our minds and filtered our conversations. ‘Here we are God! Send us! Blow us away with what we’ll do for you! We’re ready for anything!'”

The Easy Way Out  –  “A secret we deep down know, though, is that the easy way out, though convenient and often fast-paced, hurts us more than helps. When we skip out on the extra effort and extra time, we also skip out on the extra growth in our relationship with God.”

“Don’t Be Skeerd” (My Own List)  –  This post was inspired by the two “re: 25 Things that Should(n’t) Scare Christians” posts from earlier this week. Give it a read and laugh up a storm.

These last two links are located on the same blog, written by the same lady – but they’re good ones. Give them a read-through.

Paul Washer on Modesty  –  “Modesty is rarely seen in this generation of Christians. Many who claim Christ are as uncovered, lewd, and brazen as the world. This is going to make you mad, and I’m talking to boys and girls. Radical Christians are those who do not dress sensually in order to show off their bodies.”

Open Letter to Pastors  –  “As I sit before you week after week, I hunger for spiritual meat. I can no longer stand a cotton candy diet. Teach me the deep things of God. I want the truth about myself: I am a sinner and all of my “good-deeds” are but filthy rags before the Lord. My efforts are nothing and will never be enough to take me to heaven. I need you to explain what you have spent so long studying. Tell me how to please Him, how to obey Him, how to honor Him. I don’t want to hear a single word about how to secure a good life. If I need motivating, I will turn to my husband.”

I hope you all have a great weekend!!


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  1. I hate to be the first to break the new, but today is 8-26-11… 🙂

    But other than that, good article~!

  2. Oops…. this definitely posted a day too early. *sigh* fear not… I have an idea…

  3. Well for once I was early and not late! Woo hoo! My wife will be so proud!

  4. What are good blog posts for a writer who wants to start a blog that even non-readers might want to visit?

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