re: 25 Things That Should(n’t) Scare Christians. {part 2}

As promised, here’s part two of yesterday’s post.

We were discussing Rachel Held Evans‘ list of “25 Things That Shouldn’t Scare Christians” – and we only got through # 11. Today I’m posting #’s 12-25. You know you’re excited about it.

Again, her list is bolded, and my thoughts are what follow each point…

12. Conflicting interpretations of Scripture. – Seeing as people EVERYwhere have conflicting interpretations of Scripture, I can see why she would say this. I think the issue is how said Scripture is misinterpreted. When you start telling me that salvation is by grace AND baptism, there’s gonna be a problem. When you tell me Mary was sinless and sits on God’s right hand to make intercession for me, there’s gonna be a problem. When you tell me that Satan and Jesus were actually brothers who’s lives went different directions, we’re gonna have a problem. Not only will we have a problem, but I will also fear for  you.

13. Bringing the worst macaroni and cheese casserole to the church potluck (I’ve lived through this, believe it or not.) – There’s an easy solution for this: Stouffers casseroles in the frozen department of your local grocery store. They work wonders. every. time.

14. Getting left behind. – Whoa. WhoOa, Nelly. You’re telling me you wouldn’t mind getting left behind when Jesus returns for His own?! Again I have to ask: are you on crack? You know what it means if you get left behind, right? Do you? Maybe you don’t… maybe that’s why you wouldn’t mind… I don’t know.

15. Not being “relevant.” – I think while Christianity should strive to be relevant today, we shouldn’t be willing to compromise truth for it. Most people associate relevance with popularity – but that’s not always the case. Jesus Christ was very relevant despite how unpopular He was with the important sects and religious gurus of His day. Christianity should be relevant; it IS relevant – and I fear the day when no one sees it as relevant anymore.

16. Women with opinions. – …enter this entire blog. that’s all.

17. Nice atheists. – I’ve met one. Two, actually. I’m not scared of their persons, but I’m afraid of their mentality. I can’t even understand their mentality, actually. No God whatsoever? If that’s the case, what do you even have to live for? What’s the point?

18. Sharing the gospel. – Agreed. We “shouldn’t” be afraid to share the Gospel, but many of us are. Myself included. We’re afraid of rejection, of looking retarded, of saying the wrong thing, of failing miserably. I get it. But I also get that we’re commanded to spread the Gospel until it reaches the four corners of the world (which is really confusing, because I thought the earth was round… do circles have corners?).

19. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Communists, Anarchists. – For the most part I don’t really fear Republicans or Tea Partiers. Libertarians don’t really make me feel all that threatened either. The other three do… ish. Democrats do because I don’t like Socialism. Communists do because I don’t like Communism. Anarchists do because I’m not a huge fan of violence. Just saying…

20. Anabaptists. – I literally laughed out loud at this one. Who fears Anabaptists? They’re nothing more than little adorable, lovable fuzzballs. (I made that up.)

21. Statues of the Virgin Mary. – Have you ever really stared for a good while at one of those things? They’re creepy. They’re like the stoney, Christian-ized version of zombies. What’s even more creepy is the fact that people pray to those said zombie-like statues.

22. Separation of church and state. – My opinion on this one is going to be veryyy unfair. Here it is: I want my religion (church) to affect my politics (state); but I do not want my politics to affect my religion. Don’t stone me.

23. The gay “agenda.” – As a Christian, it’s my God-given duty to be against this. I don’t necessarily fears gays and lesbians themselves, but I fear what they’re agenda is doing and will continue to do to this country.

24. The removal of plastic, light-up manger scenes from courthouse lawns. – You know, they’re decorations. But don’t say that you’re removing manger scenes because they offend people and then turn around and put a plastic Santa Clause in its place… because that offends me.

25. Being a religious minority in the U.S. (especially when we’re not). – Minorities always get beat up on. They’re like the little dorky kid in school that the bully always beats up and steals from. So let’s say the bully is Government, and the dorky kid is Christianity (although there’s nothing dorky about Christianity) – Government has already made laws against some aspects of Christianity, and taken away some of our rights. No, we may not be a minority in the U.S. yet, but we’re headed that way – and I, for one, am a little fearful of it.

…                    …                    …                    …

Ok, time for review! Head back to yesteday’s post, look it over, then come back here…

What did you want to say yesterday that you didn’t say? Say it now…

What are your thoughts on the above list?
Do you have anything you’d like to add to my thoughts?


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  1. “I think while Christianity should strive to be relevant today, we shouldn’t be willing to compromise truth for it”

    Very well said, Heather.

  2. Both parts of this were excellent. Very funny and entertaining. Thanks for posting them.

  3. Cool stuff! Also, I changed my site’s theme to the one you have here…I really like it! It is pretty easy to work with!

  4. Great posts. I have to say I pretty much agree with your every point.

  5. I just went and checked out Rachel Evans’ blog. Honestly, it irritated me. First off, because it looked so good, and I hate it when I’m jealous of liberals. Secondly, because she is a liberal from Dayton, TN (just a 45 minute drive from my house and the home of a conservative school, Bryan College).

    FYI, every year the Scopes trial is reenacted in the original courthouse (no air conditioning, either). Oh how things could have been different if William J. Bryan had been a real apologist.

  6. There would be a few laughs here if it wasn’t so serious.

    I love your response to #12

    #17 I’ve met some atheists who could put some Christians to shame. I can’t understand them but I don’t fear them. On the other hand, I know of atheists who are quite dangerous as they seek to spread their beliefs.

    • Thank you for the comment, my friend.

      I, too, have met some atheists who could put some Christians to shame. One would think that it would cause the Christian to try a little harder… but sadly, this is not always the case.

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