Snow day snippets {8.13.11}

Well, folks… I’ve been in Costa Rica for one day… and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that I love it here!

I said I was going “out on a limb” because I’m actually writing this post about two days before I board the plane to go  to Costa Rica. So I’m completely anticipating that I’m gonna love Costa Rica. I’ll let you know for sure though when I get back. :]

Next week we’ll have the normal “QOTD” post and “The Answer” post on Monday and Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I have some guest bloggers lined up. Yes, be excited… they’re awesome!

Until then here’s some links for you to check out…

Whose Applause Do You Need?  –  “But then I began to think about what I would write this week, and something weird happened: rather than pray about it or just write from my heart, I thought, ‘With a potentially bigger audience this week, I need to write something that will keep my numbers up.'”

You know you’re a baptist when…  –  Basically, it’s like this. If you’re a baptist or you know some funny baptist jokes, you should join this group. It’s been growing by leaps and bounds since the day it was created. Oh! And if the group reaches 1500 members, we’re gonna get t-shirts! But if you’re only interested in fighting and debating fellow believers, then the next link is the one for you…

Baptists, Bibles, & Beliefs  –  This group was created as a result of the aforementioned group. In short, when WW3 broke out in the other group and people were having a hard time following directions, it became very evident to me that they needed a place where they could blow off some steam. Enter this group. It was created for Christians to get together and discuss their differences in beliefs — but please do so with grace!

While I Was Away  –  Look who’s back!! | “A new blog post could be found here every day from the end of last October until one month and one day ago. And then, without any warning, it stopped. It really wasn’t good timing.”

Bring On The Rain!  –  “Rain is equated with the rough times. Storms are trials. When our skies are cloudy and we can’t see the sun, we start to buckle & think we have done something awful to deserve this judgment or we are being mistreated. We try to fight it, which just makes it 100 times worse. The rain doesn’t stop and you’re left tired and wet.”

And last but not least, a little humor for your weekend…


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  1. Thanks for including me!

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