Ready or not, there I go.

Today is the day… *sigh* and yes, I’m very excited. But I’m nervous too.

I’m not nervous because I’m afraid of flying or because I’m afraid of Costa Rican cannibals. I’m nervous because I’m afraid I’m going to forget something that I’m gonna end up really needing while I’m there.

I’ve been slowly packing for this trip for the past few days… and my suitcase currently looks more like a drugstore pharmacy than a Missions Trip suitcase – prescription medications EVERYwhere. (gonna have to hide them drugs from the highschoolers… ha.)

Our team leader had navy polo shirts made for each person going, and they look really spiffy. The plan was to wear khaki bottoms with them (pants for the guys, skirts for the girls). The only problem was that I didn’t own a single blessed khaki thing. So the shopping hunt for a khaki skirt has been rather interesting.

On another note, with trying to recover from this past surgery and then getting mono on top of it, I’ve been completely exhausted these days. Seriously, EGGZ-ZAW-STED.  But there’s been no time for a break – which, just so we’re clear, I’m not complaining. I love having a busy life.

Right now the running joke is that, knowing my luck, I’m going to catch malaria or some other tropical disease while I’m thousands of miles from home (thank you, HAP, for sending me information on international bonuses of my healthcare plan). Of course, I’m more worried that I’m going to get bit by a rabid monkey or lose a leg to a shark… death by mosquitos? Mehh, whatever.

Lastly, we are not allowed to bring any electronic devices with us on the trip. That includes (but is not limited to): cell phones, laptops, mp3 players, DVD players, hand-held games, and more. You know what that means?! That means I can’t text message anyone, make any phone calls, respond to emails, check my blog or waste 3 hours on facebook each day!! Oh, the horror.

Actually, I’m rather looking forward to the break. I’ve been going through a dryspell with my blog writing lately anyhow. And that “You know you’re a Baptist when…” group I created on facebook has been stressing me out to the max. No.Joke. (again, not complaining)

You know what I’m really gonna miss though…? My mom and dad. (all at once now: “Awww…”)

I’m blessed beyond my wildest dreams. The Bible says that a godly woman’s children rise up and call her blessed (Prov. 31:28a) – and my mom is a very blessed woman. And I’ll take it one step farther and say that she IS  a blessing.

I don’t really have a verse for my dad, but I know there’s a lot of verses in the Bible about how men with white hair are wise… and, well… my dad is very wise.  :]

I’m going to close this post now, because I seriously need to finish packing.

Please pray for me and the rest of the team that is going as we minister to the people of Costa Rica, strive to encourage Missionary Andy Shinaberry and his family, and diligently seek to honor the Lord in all that we do. We will be leaving Detroit on a 7:30 flight tonight, fly through the night, and arrive in Costa Rica tomorrow morning. We’ll be returning to Detroit on Saturday morning, August 20.

I am excited and looking forward to what the Lord is going to do in the lives of those we minister to, and in our lives as we are ministering!

Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement!

Heather Joy
Romans 5:20

P.S. The “theme chapter” our leader picked for this Missions Trip is Psalm 116. How about you all give it a read or two and share a thought or two about what verses really spoke to you in that chapter?  I’d appreciate it.

And then when I get back, we can share notes!


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  1. Be safe on your trip. I’ll be praying for you.

  2. Praying for ya, chica! 🙂 Costa Rica is beyond description Be-A-utiful. You’ll love it! I know God is going to do something big with and for and through you all. ❤

    • Oh, it was a wonderful time! I can’t wait to post pictures – it truly was a beautiful country… I don’t think I’m going too far by saying that I fell in love with it either. :]

  3. Have a safe and fun trip! Thanks for leaving me to the mercies of the debate group! lol

  4. Have a wonderful trip! I pray the Lord will use your group in a special way.

  5. See amazing, be amazing, and leave Amazing … Grace. In the wise words of my mother when I went to Morocco, “Don’t die.” Other than that, to rephrase my first sentence, have fun, be blessed, and be a blessing!

    Heavenly Father, strengthen and encourage our sister and the team heading to Costa Rica. Grant them safety and adventure and give them every reason to remember and rely upon You. We trust that you will move greatly and impact many lives for Your glory through this team. Show these people (both the team and the Costa Ricans … and anyone fortunate enough to wander by!) Your mighty works and wondrous love. May You be glorified in more ways than we can fully comprehend! We pray as adopted sons and daughters through our Lord, Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen!

  6. I already miss you, Melly, and Bill! Hmmmm……but I am excited for ya’alls!

    Psalm 116 is wonderful. I especially like verse 16: “O Lord, truly I am your servant; I am thy servant, and the son of thine handmaid: thou hast loosed my bonds.”

    I know I want to be the Lord’s servant! I pray he will give me a servant’s heart and help me to be the Christian I need to be!

  7. Praying for you on the missions trip. I am sure the Lord will bless you abundantly as you seek to serve Him and that He will use you to bless many others.

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