Snow day snippets {7.30.11}

This week is my church’s 35th annual Old Fashioned Tent Meeting, and it has been a time and a half! The special speakers this year were Evangelist Brian McBride, Evangelist Jason Kendrick, and Evangelist Doug Ramage – each of them did a fantastic job preaching the Word of God and ministering in the ways that God has gifted them to.

Question: what’s one of the most influential sermons/messages you’ve heard lately? Who preached it, and how did it affect your life?

Anywho, on to this weekend’s links below…

I Am Second  –  “The amazing testimony of Bethany Hamilton, whose true story the recent movie Soul Surfer was based on.”

Until Next Week  –  “…there are so many things going on in this country and the world that are so depressing, to talk about any of them right now would drive me over the edge.” | Head over to Pastor Baker’s blog and share your thoughts on his potential blog-topic discussions.

Imposter Syndrome  –  “The impostor syndrome, in which competent people find it impossible to believe in their own competence, can be viewed as complementary to the Dunning–Kruger effect, in which incompetent people find it impossible to believe in their own incompetence.” | Interesting wikipedia article – give it a read, and leave your thoughts below in the comment section!

Sinclair Ferguson’s Four Steps to Kill Sin  –  “Call a spade a spade — call it ‘sexual immorality,’ not ‘I’m being tempted a little’; call it ‘impurity,’ not ‘I’m struggling with my thought life’; call it ‘evil desire, which is idolatry,’ not ‘I think I need to order my priorities a bit better.'”

6-Year-Old Lucy Mangum Forgives Shark That Attacked Her Off North Carolina Island  –  “The girl’s parents said Lucy remained calm as they snatched her from the water and ran up the beach, but said she was asking questions like: ‘Am I going to die? Am I going to walk? Am I going to have a wheelchair?'”

3 Things Grace is Not  –  “I hear a lot about grace. I sing songs about it. I read books about it. I write blogs about it on occasion. I know what grace is. It is unmerited favor. I’ve also heard it defined as supernatural enabling power. But the other day I was thinking about what grace is not…”

Jesus Writes an Advice Column  –  “Don’t freak out – I don’t intend for this to be a new translation of scripture. It’s just my idea of what Jesus might say if He were to have a modern-day, online advice column.”

Why Hasn’t Got Healed Me?  –  “In the year-and-a-half that I’ve been dealing with this rusty nail in my skull, my feelings have been hard to pin down. At times I’ve found it amusing that I somehow got a nail jammed into my head; at other times, I’ve felt angry – especially when the resulting symptoms interfered with normal life. Sometimes I’ve felt indifferent – but mostly, I’ve been hopeful that God will answer my prayers for healing.”


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  1. It is hard to choose what one was the best. I think one that hit me hard was last night. Brian McBride’s message on “The Other Side of Grace.” When he talked about the grace IN us, it reminded me that as Christians we need to show grace unto others as the Lord did to us. Grace in our attitude, actions, and relationships. We often rejoice and talk about the grace the Lord shows us in salvation, but we don’t often discuss the grace we need to develop and show to others as we walk with the Lord.

    What really hit me hard was when he asked what was in our life that if God asked us to give up we couldn’t. It really sent my mind spinning! As I prayed, I realized I have things in my life that have taken on way too much importance and need to be extinguished from my life!

    The other thing that convicted me last night was when Pastor Daniel (boy, that sounds weird, lol) said that we should be doers of God’s Word not professional hearers. Oh how true that is!

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