The Answer: perfect Bibles. other languages.

The Answer:  God has always given His word to one people in one language to do one job; convert the world. The supposition that there must be a perfect translation in every language is erroneous and inconsistent with God’s proven practice.

The Explanation:

This explanation comes in three parts: the Old Testament, the New Testament, the entire Bible.

(1) The Old Testament:

It is an accepted fact that, with the exception of some portions of Ezra and Daniel, the Old Testament was written in Hebrew. It is also accepted that it was divinely given to the Jews.

Thus God initiates His pattern of operation. He gave His words to one people in only one language.

God, apparently unintimidated by modem scholarship, did not feel obligated to supply His words in Egyptian, Chaldian, Syrian, Ethiopian, or any other of the languages in use on the earth at the time the Old Testament was written.

The Old Testament was given exclusively to the Jews. Anyone desiring the word of God would have to convert to Judaism. Ample provision was made for such occurrences.

(2) New Testament:

It is also an accepted fact that the New Testament was written in Greek. Koine Greek to be exact. Again, the Lord apparently saw no reason to inspire a perfect original in all of the languages of the world extant at that time.

Only this time, instead of giving His Book to a nation, such as Israel, He simply gave it to the Christians who were told to go out and convert the world. (Matthew 28:19)  His choice of Greek as the language of the New Testament was obvious in that it was the predominant language of the world at the time.

(3) The Entire Bible:

It is obvious that God now needed to get both His Old Testament and His New Testament welded together in a language that was common to the world. Only English can be considered such a language.

The English language had been developing for many centuries until the late sixteenth century. About that time it finally reached a state of excellence that no language on earth has ever attained. It would seem that God did the rest. He chose this perfect language for the consummation of his perfect Book.

First England and later the United States swept the globe as the most powerful nations on earth, establishing English in all corners of the globe as either a primary or secondary language.

Today nations who do not speak English must still teach English to many of their citizens. Even nations antagonistic to the West such as Russia and Red China must teach English to their business and military personnel.

Thus in choosing English in which to combine His two Testaments, God chose the only language which the world would know. Just as He has shown in His choosing only one language for the Old Testament and only one language for the New Testament, He continued that practice by combining those two testaments in only one language.

But let us not forget the fact that, by choosing the English language, God has given us a mandate to carry out the great commission. He did not give us a perfect Bible to set placidly on the coffee table in our living room to let our guests know that we are “religious”. He did not give it to us to press a flower from our first date, or to have a record of our family tree. He gave it to us to read! And to tuck under our arm and share with the lost world the good news of Jesus’ payment for sin that is found inside.

Let’s get busy!

©All material is copyright of Dr. Sam Gipp. Used with permission.


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  1. Hmm… wow… that would be the logical outplay of such thinking. Fascinating!

    Me? I’m a big fan of Bible translation work. But, then again, I don’t start from the same presupposition about the KJV.


  2. Ha hah hah hah hah … you’ve GOT to be kidding me. What an absolutely absurd, logically devoid concept.

    The most spoken language in the world is Mandarin, buy a huge margin. Mandarin also predates English by at least 1,000 years. English is the 3rd most spoken language in the world after Spanish.

    Dr. Gipp’s book should be retitled, “The Answer (Out of My Hat) Book.”

  3. While I can certainly go with the Old Testament analysis, as God chose a specific people for a specific time to be the bridge, the logical argument falls apart, even in the post itself. The author states in one sentence that there are different languages in the Old Testament, but then says that it’s only one language. The last time that I checked 1 is not equal to 2 or 3.

    Second, that God did not provide His Word in Egyptian in the Old Testament is irrelevant. He spoke through His chosen people, which spoke Hebrew. However, His chosen people aren’t the only ones that followed after God. Whether it’s Melchizadeck, the Assyrians that Jonah preached to, or the Queen of Sheba, many came to hear of God and the people of God and didn’t have to learn Hebrew in order to do such.

    Furthermore, the author totally misses the Septuigent. Yes, the Ethiopian Eunuch that was reading Isaiah 53 wasn’t reading it in Hebrew, most likely he was reading it in the Greek. And Jesus didn’t have a problem quoting from the Septuigent, even though it wasn’t Hebrew. If God Himself is okay quoting His Word out of a translation that isn’t Hebrew– shouldn’t that tell you something.

    And what do we do with the Latin version of the New Testament? Yes, that’s right, there was a “Whole Bible” before the English, and many at the writing of the King James Version were arguing against it using the same line of argument.

    The King James itself isn’t the Bible of the Reformation, that would be the Great Bible.

    Lastly, doesn’t it seem to fly in the face of the “God used the common language of the day to show the New Testament was available to all” line of reasoning to say that there can be no other Bible but the KJV and that all people who want God’s Word should read English. I mean, if you’re a native English speaker it’s all well and good, but if you’re a tribe in remote parts of Africa, I’m sorry, you’ll have to learn English before you can hear the Word of God.

    And that, to me is the real rub– not this whole KJV Only belief. The part where KJVO treads into heresy and apostasy is when you start believing that you can’t be saved without believing that the KJV is what this post says it is– the “true” Word of God for today.

  4. Um…what? That’s a very poor argument. Does this mean that all Bibles in other languages are wrong? I’m sorry, that’s just illogical. Why would God just give a Bible in English? That doesn’t make any sense.

    • Also, what about the Septuagint? (LXX) That was a translation of the Hebrew Old Testament that the early church used. If God was against His Word being translated into other languages He probably would have said something about that.

  5. I’m sorry…I know you said you don’t agree with everything Dr. Gipp wrote. I’m, frankly, appalled at the ethnocentrism on display in this answer. It’s biblically indefensible since the nations (every tribe, tongue and nation) will be gathered before Him at the eschaton and the Gospel is *not* the property of the English-speaking world.

    This is bad scholarship.

  6. I respectfully disagree with your argument….God’s Word is not exclusive to English speaking nations…missionaries across the globe can attest to that, many have come to Christ by learning of the Good News from Bibles written in thier own native tongue.

  7. I have not even finished reading the whole post and I am not going to read anymore for fear of becoming dumber. This is an absurd logic and this man is just terribly ignorant ….but I have come to find that this is pretty typical of the majority of KJVO advocates…This is pure ignorance.

  8. The ignorance and lack of understanding of God’s character in this blog post is unfathomable. You haven’t done the study to learn the original languages. Languages evolve. Words take on new meanings and different connotations. The Bible needs to be in the common tongue. Elizabethan English is not the common tongue for any person in the world today.

    I can see one thing is true: Heather is not interested in the truth, but only in revealing her own mind–just like the Proverb says.

    • Calvin, before you start pinning stuff on me, please read the disclaimer (“Please Note:”) at the top of this site on the right.

      Also, please note (c) at the end of the above post, and the corresponding QOTD post that preceeds it.

      I have stated before that I do not agree with Dr. Sam Gipp on EVERYthing that he argues in his book. If you feel the need to discredit someone, please make sure you’re aware of the author instead of pinning it on the messenger.

      Have a great night, and an even better weekend.

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