Snow day snippets {7.2.11}

If any of you follow and read Tim Challies blog, you have probably noticed the trend of repeat links posted often in my SDS posts. What can I say – he finds some pretty neat stuff!

The first 3 links are indeed from a few of his “A La Carte” posts that he publishes on pretty much a daily basis. Basically, my SDS posts are the equivilent of his A La Carte posts – except less frequest.

With that said, I hope you don’t mind my reposting links I find at his blog. I try to find links to articles elsewhere as well, but sometimes this doesn’t always happen. I’m trying though… really.  :]

Returning Evil for Evil: The Snickering Consent of Prison Rape  –  “As Christians, we should love and fight for justice. Prison rape is a wicked and perverse consequence that we should not delight in, nor joke about. The Bible explains that God gives human government responsibility to distribute justice and punish those who commit evil. We should find no satisfaction in returning evil for evil.”

“Women’s Rights”: the Tragic, Ironic Consequences for Baby Girls  –  “Abortion has become the primary means of eliminat­ing unwanted females across the globe. More girls than boys are now being killed by abortion. To kill an unborn female is to kill a young woman. There can be no equal rights for all women until there are equal rights for unborn women.”

The Ghosts of World War II  –  “Taking old World War II photos, Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov carefully photoshops them over more recent shots to make the past come alive. Not only do we get to experience places like Berlin, Prague, and Vienna in ways we could have never imagined, more importantly, we are able to appreciate our shared history in a whole new and unbelievably meaningful way.”

More Than Just a Name  –  “I vividly recall flushing with dread every time they called “Rebekah Hope!” into the backyard. I would run down the mental list of mischief I’d been in, wondering which fiasco I’d be answering for this time.”

Grace Says.  –  “grace does not say, ‘i’m going to grit my teeth and say i forgive you because i know i have to’; it says instead, ‘even though i’m unhappy, i’m not going anywhere. because our relationship is more important than my own hurt feelings.’”

The Bible or The Home? Ruckman or Rice?  –  “When it comes to Dr. Peter Ruckman, the ‘brethren’ are at the top of their game with hypocrisy and inconsistency. There is no escaping this reality…”

Adopt or Have My Own  –  “I’ve known for a long time now that when I get married, I do not want to have my own kids, but to adopt instead. For myself, not for others mind you, I see having my own kids as unnecessary and downright selfish, because there are so many children in the world today that desperately need parents.”

“My Eyes Shed Streams of Tears”: Thoughts on the New Calamity  –  “One estimate said that 400,000 people celebrated gay pride in Minneapolis. That’s more than the population of the city. The number is probably inflated, but for the first time in history, it did include the governor of the state, Mark Dayton.”

Does anyone have anything fun planned for this holiday weekend?
Do you have any picnics or firewords scheduled for July 4th?

Have a great weekend, and a safe and fun Happy 4th of July!


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  1. A super cool picnic on Monday . . . : )

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