All that and a bag of chips.

Have you ever been on such a spiritual high that you thought nothing could ever touch you? And I mean nothing!

No? Oh, my bad… because I have.

In fact, just last week I was soaring higher than any bird has ever flown before. I was absolutely positive that I was the bees-knees.

Then God went *WOMP!* and I plummeted back to earth.

“You know, actually you’re nothing without Me. And I mean nothing.”

And then my memory chimed in, “Yeah, remember when you did this a few years back? What about this… oh, and that? That wasn’t a very smart move…”

Reality check.

Turns out I’m not all that and a bag of chips. I’m a sinful human being whose good works are nothing more than filthy rags. Who knew? Oh wait…

I think maybe there’s something in the Bible about that.

“But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.” ~ Isaiah 64:6

“Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” ~ I Cor. 10:12

“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” ~ Proverbs 16:18

Have you had any spiritual reality checks lately?
What are some of the things God uses to “check” your life?


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  1. I get them all the time! As Christians, we have to be careful not to let ourselves get built up in things that are not even of us. We are all sinners who do not deserve God’s grace. Anything good that comes from us is not of us but of God.

  2. It’s a great feeling to be in the “highs” of life, but God really refines us in the “valleys”.

  3. “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth TAKE HEED, lest he fall”

    Man, that has come back to bite me so many times it ain’t funny…which is why I try (TRY!) not to point fingers. Then I end up pointing, because I’m hard-headed, and I fall.

    This lady is so thankful for God’s mercy – more than any words can describe. I’m so unworthy!

  4. “The Spiritual High” has been our theme on our wilderness trips this year. Recently, on Sunday nights with our young adult group, we have been focusing on “Remember … ” where we have come from, who God is, and what God has done for us. We have used each of those references as well as using Revelation 2:1-7 about the Church at Ephesus. It is easier to not “fall” if we keep Christ first and foremost.

    The last year has been a constant “check” and encouragement. My wife and I have both been underemployed and unemployed (currently both unemployed), yet God continues to provide our each and every need!

    • Your comment reminded me of a song, Dan.

      “Do you remember what He’s done in your heart?
      He took you from sin and strife, and gave a new start.
      He took your broken life and He made it complete –
      So remember where you were back then and thank Him for where you are now.”

      Thank you for your comment.

  5. I am usually of the mindset that I am never quite right…Every time I have entertained the thought that I finally think I am on the right track, my train collides with His and I find myself wondering where I went off track. It is always good to keep a map with you when traveling, and if traveling by train,..make sure you know which lines will intersect so you can stay on track…the right track. My map is God’s Word, and the lines will intersect every day while talking to strangers, blogging, facebooking, or in public where your patience can be tested…or for that matter, while watching the news. I have no problem with the ‘dirty rags’ metaphor, my biggest problem comes from “while I was yet a sinner, He loved me.” Great post by the way. So glad A.C Baker reccommended you. I like the way you write. Be blessed.

  6. I used to think I was a great salesman (8th in the nation in 1998). Then, on the heels of total career collapse and right before I literally went off the deep end, something happened that totally crushed my ego.

    I worked on straight……..wait. This should be a post on my blog, dad gum it. I shouldn’t give the whole story away here!

    Let’s just say my little girls sold some stuff when I couldn’t even get in a door. Now, all you got to do is go to my blog tonight or tomorrow and find out what it was.

    I ain’t all that, but this was some bag-of-chips-thinking 😉

  7. I remember one time years ago I developed a horrible headache after a wonderful time of ministry, and couldn’t figure out why. Then I distinctly heard God say, “It’s from all that glory you’ve been taking. You weren’t built for it.”

    “Glory gives me a headache”. It has been one of my biggest lessons in life. I think it should be a bumper sticker.

    Love that line..”all that and a bag of chips”. I may have to steal it.

    I enjoy reading your blog. You are refreshing.

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