Growing up I had a lot of nicknames. Most of which I didn’t mind, but there were others I didn’t like at all – even “hated” isn’t too strong a word to describe how I felt about them.

Most of the ones my parents called me were cute, or had a special meaning behind them. Some of them were just habits. The name my brother called me, however, was a point of contention between him and I. He knew it bothered me a lot and even hurt my self esteem a little, yet he called me it anyways. And he didn’t just call me it when we were by ourselves – oh no; he usually only used the nickname in front of all his friends, which made it SO  much worse.

Before I tell you the nickname though, there’s something you should know first. When I was a little girl I had the hairiest arms this side of the Nile. It was ridiculous. I always hated it, and I always tried my best to cover my arms – rain or shine, summer or winter. I used to walk around in a bulky, hooded sweatshirt on 90-degree days in the dead of summer. My hairy arms were my greatest nightmare.

So what was the nickname, you ask?  It was “Hairy Heather.”  Do you even understand how traumatizing that is for a GIRL?  No?  Well, it is – very much so.  I’m pleased to announce that my arms have shed the majority of their hair, and they no longer bother me.  :]

My dad’s nickname for me growing up was Tootsie Wootsie – I promise there was no legit reason behind this one. Really. He’s shortened it since then, and now just calls me either “Tootsie” or “Toots.”  (Okay, I feel a strong need to explain how this is pronounced – it’s not pronounced how it looks. The double O’s in both words have the same sound as the U does in “push.” FYI.)

My mom had a couple nicknames for me too – there was Joybells, Gweegle Toot (again, no reason behind it I promise), and Punky Brewster, and then Shmoots, and then there’s Giggs – which is what she still calls me to this day.

Nicknames are a funny thing – usually they have absolutely nothing to do with your real name, but usually are some sort of term of endearment (depending on who gave you the name). And usually the name has something to do with something that reminds the nickname-giver of you or maybe even a personality trait you have. More times than not they’re probably adjectives or even nouns.

In highschool my nickname was Sunshine because of my bubbly, happy personality. When I went to Bible College, my nickname was HethieBaby (which explains my twitter ID. *sigh*)  – because my friends thought I was sexy or some other dumb reason. Most of my friends still call me sunshine though, the HethieBaby one has pretty much bit the dust. Ha.

I love when my mom calls me Giggs or when my dad calls me Tootsie because those are names that are precious to me. When my friends call me Sunshine, I’m thankful that I could be that happy person in their life during a time when more drama hits the fan than you can shake a stick at. I’m thankful that I am identified by names that are special to my friends and family.

I’m also thankful that my Heavenly Father has nicknames for me. Names such as…


He looks down from Heaven, sees me, and calls me His own.

“Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.” ~ Isaiah 43:1b

And there are a couple nicknames I hope that I will achieve one day. I hope and pray that the Lord will be able to look at me and say that I was a Friend of His. And I hope one day when I reach the other side of Glory that He will call me the greatest name a Child of God could ever be called:  “good and faithful servant.”

Did you have any nicknames growing up?
What are some of the nicknames people have for you now?
What are some other “nicknames” that God has for His children?

**Okay now… I went out on a BIG limb and really opened up with some doozy information sharing all those embarassing nicknames. Don’t hold out on me now…!**  ;]


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  1. Great stuff! My nickname is Big B…because I am not big at all! 😆

  2. My mom called me peanut as as a kid.
    My friend years ago called me black cat (he used to say I brought him bad luck) and everyone eventually shortened it to kitty. Praise the Lord, that one is gone.
    Another friend called me toad. No reason, just because. I remember when he called me that, and I didn’t even know him that long. I asked another friend about it, and he said he had “endearing” terms like that for all his friends. (I never said my friends back then were normal, lol.)

    Some nicknames for my niece are squishy (her head was so soft and her skin was so wriggly as a baby), sweetpea, and beaver (she likes to chew on everything!).

  3. Awww!! Sunshine!! That one truly did fit you in high school!! You were always the one to make others happy!!
    My brother, Allen, had the most nicknames for me. Two of his favorites were Joylee Doodles and Juh-Juh (or just the sound of a j or g). Bubbles was something that didn’t last too long among some friends. My grandmother calls me Joy Doll. And let’s not forget some of the ones from high school that were hurtful at the time, only because they came from “cute” guys, and were said to get a reaction. Shaq, Yao Ming, Goliath…kind of funny now. So I’m tall, so what!! 🙂
    This post made me smile!! Thanks!!

    • LOL Joy! I remember we called you Joyful alot. I remember Bubbles too. I also remember someone being called Hammer or Tomahawk due to their spiking abilities – was that you or someone else?

      I believe the “cute” guys on the basketball team only ever referred to me as “Sunshine.” I think they tried to nickname me something else but Rachel wasn’t letting it happen – it was Sunshine or nothing at all. LOL. :] Good times!

      • Haha! Yes! How could I forget Joyful, I’m still called that all the time! Tomahawk was my vball nickname, forgot about that one too. I kinda liked that one 😉 lol! Wow I miss vball so much!!

  4. Brat. Snippy. Sassy. Miss Priss.
    LOL, are ya catching the main theme here? 😉

    I had 2 most used nicknames: Sammy and Ragamuffin. I didn’t (and still don’t) mind the Sammy one, but I’ve asked my Grandmother repeatedly to knock it off with the Ragamuffin one. She insists that it was always fitting for me when I woke up each morning… : )

  5. Of course, I have also heard “four eyes” and “goody goody two shoes” more recently (since I came back to church).

  6. Sparky. But I never told you.

    My dad was a machinist working on race cars when I was “in womb.” I was known then as my daddy’s little “spark plug,” which I am told led to my name being Anthony Charles (as in A. C. Spark Plugs).

    • Are ya sure…? Because I feel like your nickname might’ve been Sparky. Something to do with spark plugs…? me thinks? LOL!

      Your name has a very unique story behind it — mine does too, but not nearly as unique as yours!

  7. I didn’t have any nicknames as a child, possibly because I didn’t have any friends. When I started work I was sometimes called Muscles, simply because I was a man hater and wouldn’t allow anyone, especially a man, to do anything for me. While it wasn’t what I’d call a nickname, my third step father called me Ugly Freak many times a day.

    The nickname that my heavenly Father uses for me is “My beloved child”.
    What a wonderful privilege and joy that the PERFECT FATHER GOD would adopt ME into His own family! It is beyond comprehension but it is REAL!

    What a Saviour!

    • Well, sweet friend – I have a bit of news for you. You are NOT an ugly freak – you are a beautiful women, fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator of all that is in Heaven and all that is in Earth.

      “Mu beloved child” — wow. Isn’t it amazing to think that the God of the universe loves each of us with a love that won’t stop? He’s is so faithful and good.

      Thank you for the comment!

  8. I had several nicknames growing up. Some I can and other I cannot (should not) repeat here.

    The longest: Daniel Michael Monkey-face Wild-boy Klem Little Keggar Magolly.

    It is a combination of nicknames from family and friends, and it can be fun to watch people try and learn it.

    I call a friend “Jere-baby” for the pure and simple reason that I knew another Jeremiah and this one acted “cooler” (as in, “Cool, baby.”) . The name does not entirely fit, but it was the first nickname he ever had that actually stuck!

    • LOL! That 15-mile long nickname you mentioned cracked me up! What in the WORLD?! I’d rather just scream “Hey You!” for the sake of my sanity trying to memorize that whole thing! ha.

      Did “Jere-baby” appreciate such a nickname, or was he really as cool as all that and he didn’t let it bother him? :]

  9. My older sisters called me “chicken leg” because my legs were so skinny as a kid. The one that stuck was “Bekah Wekah” or “Wacka”.. but I actually hated my full given name until recently.

    I love what you’re saying here because My current blog post is about how God has brought new meaning to my name. 🙂

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