Snow day snippets {6.18.11}

How was everyone’s week?  I had a short work week because yesterday was my regular bi-weekly day off — *sigh* yes, it was every bit of wonderful.

I’ve been stuck on a couple different blogs lately, so I’m going to post links to a couple posts from each blog. One is a blog I actually started last year with the intention of using it as an on-campus ministry at my local college. The ministry never got off the ground, but there were a couple other people interested in being part of the blog. The blog really hasn’t been updated for a couple months…

The blog is named “Discover Your Destiny” (or “DYD,” as we referred to it). These two articles were written by my friend Cory.

  • The Value of Christian Friends  –  “The very first Sunday school service we went to, we came a bit early so we could find our places. My sisters went in with the younger kids and they asked me if I wanted to go to the high school youth group but I declined. I just wanted to sit-in with the adults, look at the floor, be quiet, be left-alone, and go home.”
  • Just a Thought for Those Unhappy being Single…  –  “Out of the people I knew who were like this, one in particular stands out. … Jane was an emotional basket-case if she was single. She also tended to “fall in love” every other week. Watching Jane’s Facebook statuses was like watching the stock market. One day she had “met the most amazing guy ever”, two days later she’s spitefully “just fine by myself!” a couple days later “can’t wait to be with him” next day, “love doesn’t exist”. I’m not exaggerating here, not in the least.”

Next, here’s a couple links from the blog Sixteen Eleven. You can also follow this blog on Twitter at @onesixoneone.

  • Comparing KING  –  “Pastor James Knox pointed out these differences of the capitalization of the word KING on Matthew 2:1-2. So I tried to look these passages up on the NIV and also decided to look up on some other versions besides the NIV and the KJV.”
  • Yea, Hath God Said?  –  “The corrupt seeds of Satan were sown in the garden of Eden and for nearly 2000 years has produced a spiritual virus that has spread throughout world.”

The last couple of articles I’m gonna link to are from a blog I’ve linked to before in the past – a blog titled Spiritual Klutz. The author is real, down to earth, and still pretty cool – ha.  :]

  • Unfortunate Miracle on the Highway  –  “Before grandpa could respond, my dad blew up and said, “I’ll tell you what. You can say whatever you want. If Jesus doesn’t show up on the bank of this highway, look me in the eyes, and tell me He loves me, then I don’t want anything to do with Him anyway.” As soon as the last word left his mouth, a truck with a camper on the back pulled in front of the car.”
  • Does God Care Whether You Have a Headache?  –  “You’d think my wife and I would’ve been bored trudging behind our daughter, who scooted along at a snail’s pace. And you would think that was especially the case when she came to the larger steps on the trail, bringing us to an extended halt as she struggled to pull herself up.”

Now The End Begins  –  This is the last link I have to share with you for this week. I’ve been following this site’s facebook page for awhile now, and I really enjoy it. A few days ago, I discovered they also have a {blog} – which I am very excited about. Check it out!

Did you come across any interesting articles, blogs, or YouTube videos this week?
Did you WRITE any interesting articles this week?
Please share them (and the link) with us in the comment section!


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