Willing to die…

Recently I was stalking the wall of the Facebook page of a certain TV show. I’m not going to tell you what show it is because I don’t want you to laugh at me… or judge me.  ;]

Why was I stalking the Facebook wall, you ask? Oh, because I wanted to know what had happened in the previous night’s episode. See, I don’t watch the episodes on TV as they are released – mainly because I don’t like waiting another whole week to see the next episode. So I wait until the season is available on DVD, buy it, and watch them all within like a week.


As I stalked the page and read random wallposts and comments by hundreds of people I’ve never met before in my life, I came across one comment that really concerned me.

“Omg i love this shoew i will die for it.it iz my favorite” 

Yes, I was concerned because of her spelling skills; and yes, I was concerned because of her use of punctuation marks (or lack thereof on both accounts). But what really  concerned me was the fact that she just admitted in front of 3.7+ million people connected on this page that she would die for a TV show.

Now, I enjoy this show; really, I do. But I don’t enjoy it enough to DIE for it. I wouldn’t give my life to keep it airing. I wouldn’t sacrifice myself so the creators of said show would keep writing new seasons.

Either this girl has a serious problem, or she really loves the show that  much. Oh, did I mention she was like 12? That might have something to do with it. ehh…

But it got me thinking… what do I love enough to die for? What means so much to me that I would be willing to give my life for it? That’s a pretty sobering question…

What are you willing to die for?

Perhaps a friend or two. (maybe)  ;]
My faith.
The Bible.
The Lord.
My Country.

What about you?  Are there any TV shows you’d die for? (jk)
What are some of the things you’d be willing to give your life for?


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  1. josiah cheedie

    1. God
    2. Family
    3. Country

  2. 1. The Truth (the Lord, my Bible, . . . )

    2. My family (and church family)

    3. Country (if for right reasons)

  3. Women and children (and men, but women and children first).




    The Bible.

    My country.

    Good things, causes, etc.

    I guess you could say I’d die for a lot. Because, as messed up as things are, a lot’s still worth dying for.

    • You’re right, Joel.
      A lot of the things we say we would die for, others see no value in them and wonder why we would give our lives for something like that.
      You know what they say though… one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Just because someone else cannot see the beauty or value in something doesn’t mean that it’s not beautiful, valuable, or worthy.
      Thank you for the comment.

  4. I guess I’m just less spiritual than everyone else here, because I really don’t know if I would die for anything. This is a question I’ve thought about a lot, because I really like reading testimonies of martyrs during the Roman times and the Reformation. These people were willing to die for something as seemingly “unessential” as the mode of baptism (immersion following salvation vs. infant baptism by the church). Now we have all sorts of post-modern churches saying things like this don’t even matter and are unessential.

    Honestly, I don’t know what I’d die for, because I’ve never been faced with a situation where I would have to die. My human nature recoils from the idea of death. My spiritual nature says “who cares if I die? I’ll be with Jesus.” Yet, in MANY daily spiritual battles my human nature often wins!! I choose sin more often than I care to admit. How do I know that faced with a life and death situation I would choose to sacrifice my life for what is right, when I often give into my flesh and skip my daily Bible reading????

    I’d like to think I’d die for my faith, family, and church, but honestly, I don’t know if I would if I were literally faced with that awful ultimatum …????

    • Great thoughts, Jess.
      I’ve pondered that before as well…
      I pray we are never forced with such a decision, but if we are I pray we’ll do what’s right and choose the Lord.

      Thank you for the comment.

  5. We often hear Christians proclaim how they’d be willing to die for the cause of Christ. Personally, it doesn’t impress me, because frankly dying is easy. It’s the living for the cause of Christ that’s hard. It is one thing to have a gun pointed at your head and be asked “Are you a Christian?” to answer “yes” knowing it will be the last thing you say. It’s another to every moment of every day die to ourselves and surrender to the will of Christ. The question is not “What will we die for?”, but “What are we LIVING for?” Dying is easy; living is hard.

    • Agreed. If we die, we go to a place with no more sorrow, no more difficulty.

      As one missionary said, “Do you threaten me with eternal life?”

      Also: torture is much, much worse than dying.

      • Torture is a different thing all together. I don’t know if I could face being burned at the steak like the martyrs of the early church. That would take some mighty faith.

      • Agreed.

        I have often said “You cannot threaten me with Heaven.” — in fact, I may have even used it in a blog post on here, sometime around the “May 21 Judgement Day” fail. :] lol

        Heaven will be wonderful, it just scares me sometimes regarding the method God will allow to get me there.

        I also agree with your last statement.

    • This is a comment win.

      Although, I don’t know that I would say “dying is easy.” I mean, I don’t want to die… but if it came down to me having to choose between my faith and my life, I hope and pray I would choose my faith. To be honest though, I’m a big chicken.

      I can agree with you that living for Christ is a much more “difficult task” – when rather it SHOULD be viewed as an underserved honor. This is definitely an area I fall short in (like so many other areas). I often find myself serving the Lord out of duty to various obligations I’ve made, rather that serving Him out of thankfulness and my love for Him.

      Great comment, Bill.

  6. First off, here’s the general answer…
    1) God
    2) Family
    3) Freedom

    Now, I have a question for all of you (us) who say “God,” how serious are you about that answer? What are you actually saying? I think that what we’re saying is that if given the option to deny and live, or profess and die, we’d rather die than deny our Savior.

    But here’s the real hard question: do you do it daily? Frankly, it could be argued that dying once would be easy. It’s the dying daily that finds us denying God on a regular basis.

    1 Corinthians 15:31 “I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I DIE DAILY.”

    • Great comment, Pastor Baker.

      I’m re-running through some of the archives, and I’m finding that there are a lot of comments I didn’t respond to. Not sure how I missed them all, but I’m trying to catch up on them!

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