Snow day snippets {6.11.11}

I trust everyone had a great week! I did as well.

I don’t have much to say though, so I’m not going to ramble on…

Carried Through the Storm  –  “We all face storms in our lives. They’re inevitable, unpredictable, and no one is exempt. Whether in the form of an illness, emotional struggle, divorce, financial loss, bitterness, or even death, there will always be a storm that we must battle through.”

“Because I Said So!”  –  “Even as Christians, we can fall a slave to unbelief. How many times have we not believed God’s promise to lead? How many times have we distrusted that God would take care of things? Never, you say?…”

Erasing God  –  “But the trouble is that we cannot hold ourselves accountable, we cannot shine by ourselves, when we try we do promote insecurity in others, without the knowledge that our light comes from God all we are left with is pride. And it’s not just the secular world that we see this trend – How often do I acknowledge God in my life? How often do I thank Him for the many, many things He does for me?”

Ruckmanite 1611  –  Yeah, I know… Peter Ruckman. You want nothing to do with Peter Ruckman. Well, I like him. Relax. Don’t send me hate mail. Just check out this blog written by Cody Watters and enjoy some truth.

“The Zeal of Thine House” [That’s Entertainment]  –  “I’m sure most of you are familiar with this story and your probably wondering what is has to do with Entertainment. Honestly, it doesn’t. What it does tell us, however, is the mind set of Christ when it comes to the house of God.”

Dunkin Donuts, Gospel Tracts, and Iced Coffee  –  “I had someone tell me a few weeks ago that we shouldn’t call ourselves soul winners. This person said that we don’t do the saving so the name “soul winner” is taking away from Christ and giving us the credit. I don’t agree. All the soul winners I know only want to lift up Christ. They want to share Christ and “win people over” to the cause of Christ.”

All Sins Are Not Equal  –  “We tend to think that sin is sin and that no sin is greater than any other. We think of Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount that to lust after a woman is to be guilty of adultery. We are aware that the Bible teaches if we sin against one point of the law, we sin against the whole law.”


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  1. There are all kinds of storms. there are the physcial ones. told by the weather man. He or she comes on and tess you that we aregoing to have tropical winds,thonder stroms and there is a chance we may
    have a torrando. They issue torrando warnings in certain counties and even pin points the towns that would have the most danger. Then there is a time when you would be safe form,the torrando. It usually
    states that between 7pm and 9pm. They will also let you know what you should do if was to come to your town,what precausions to take. The weather person is there for us to prodict what might happen.
    That is not the way things happen in the real life. You don’t have a weather man to guide you. There
    is only the training you recieved while you were young,by our parrents. They recieved what they know
    my there parrents. Life is not written in any hand book. It was said once that they should of taught parrenting in school. That would of made things a little easier,for me raising two boys on my own.
    My husband was present,but not in a helpfull way if you could get much help from an alcholic then
    your would be lucky.I am affarid that in my case it made it much harder. here was the weather person
    when you need them. In my case,I was too ashamed to tell my family how my husband treated us.
    I wish he was a happy drunk,if he had to be one at all. I was lucky i could keep a roff over our heads.
    I was a nurse and made pretty good money. It paid the bills,but there wasn’t any money left over
    for anything else. We only had one vacation in the 12 years we were married. The 1st few years
    were not bad,his drinking got out of hand. He not only got loud with his mouth,he started using his hands, we had two boys which were only 3 years apart in age,when my husband took everything
    out on the oldest,he would hit him on a regular basic’s. I asked for a devorce and at that time he
    was remorseful he started to cry,I felt bad but not bad enough to change my mind. To my surprize
    the oldeast one,went to live with him. It wasn’t to long befor he came home. I denied alimony
    because,I could work as a nurse,but I wanted child surport. This back fired on me because at the
    time of the devorce my oldest age 12 had come back to live with me,so the surport I was to recieve for the youngest,the 40 dollars a month was to cover both of them now. I really didn’t get that too
    often. To my surprise he was dating a women named Chris,thats my name. I was thinking that at
    least he wouldn’t forget her name. Rememeber that I never told my family about my husband’s
    behaver,there came a point that my mother found out by herself. When we devorced,she took my
    husband in she was upset with me because she liked him but nerver knew how much he drank and how he behaved when he was drunk. He never hit her,but it was when he needed help moving my oldest
    went over there and,that when she saw him getting rough with my oldest thats when she realize he wasn’t he person she thought he was. She couldn’t understanding,why I nerver mentioned anything
    befor. I really didn’t want anyone to know how bad he was. There is rough weather with rain and snow,
    and real life storms,as I have just given you an example. If you want to talk to me please email me

  2. Umm…Ruckman doesn’t even believe abortion is wrong. 😐

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