Great Expectations.

No, I’m not talking about the classic novel by Charles Dickens… I’m talking about the “great expectations” people have for you and me. People like your parents, your grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, friends, co-workers, ministry leaders – everyone wants to see you succeed in life. Well, not everybody  I guess – but pay no attention to those who be hatin’ yo! (sorry.)

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a journalist. I wanted to go around and interview cool people and write amazing articles that would circle the globe and make me famous. Obviously, that never happened…

Then I wanted to be a superhero. Don’t you judge me. I wanted a black cape, the ability to fly, ultra strength, the power to read minds, see through walls – basically the female version of Kent Clark. Obviously, that never happened either…

Today I occupy a cubical in the government sector. My technical title is “Administrative Assistant,” but I think that sounds a bit too high strung for me and prefer to simply be called a “Secretary.”

My parents never really had any over-the-top expectations for me. They never pushed me to be something I didn’t want to be. All they ever hoped and wished for was that I would serve the Lord, pursue a higher education, have some sort of skill I could do out of my home, and try to find a stable job outside of the home in case I never married. I’m happy to report to you that I have covered all four bases – gladly, willingly, and thankfully.

I still have dreams and aspirations. I’d still like to be world-famous or a superhero – but the chances of those happening, I dare say, are slim to none. And I’m okay with that.

Despite the years that have passed, there are still those out there who have dreams and great expectations for my life. I figured I’d share a few with you…

Professional Pianist – I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had people tell me to pursue the profession of a concert pianist. That request is usually directly preceded by or followed by a statement like this: “When are you going to make a CD of your piano playing? When you do, will you sign my copy?”  I’m not really sad to say it, but I have not yet recorded an instrumental CD (and by “instrumental” I mean strictly piano music).

Singer – This is another one I hear quite often. Although, I really struggle with singing – I’m shy about my voice (believe it or not). I refuse to sing any solos in church – I’ll sing in a group of two or more, but never alone. That probably needs to change, because you know what they say: “Use it or lose it.” In an effort to combat said shyness, I had contemplated recording a CD at my church to sell as a Missions Trip 2011 Fund Raiser. Anyone want a CD…?  ;]

Author – Actually, I have a confession to make. This was first my great expectation for myself – then others began to jump on the bandwagon. I will have you know that I have written an illustrated a children’s book – but it currently is hiding in a 3-ring binder somewhere. {Anyone know anyone who wants to publish a poor, unknown author? *insert cheesy smile here*I’d really like to write a “real” book one day – so we shall see how the Lord leads in that area.

Inspirational Speaker – Now really, let’s just be honest for a minute… I’m not sure who dreamed this one up, but they obviously don’t know how much I hate being in front of people. I would get so nervous up there that the most intelligent thing I would probably say would be “Thank you for coming… goodbye.”  Seriously. And who wants to pay hundreds of dollars to listen to some crazy lady say five words?

Talk Show Host – This is the latest one that I’ve been told… and it went to my head.  I thought I was big money with that suggestion; but the more and more I thought about it, the more I realized I would have a hard time coming up with interesting stuff to say that would hold the listening audience’s attention. Now, if I hosted a televised cooking show, THAT would get some viewers – mainly because people like watching people wreak havoc, things blowing up, and awkward, embarrassing moments.

You want to know the one “expectation” that I have cherished most? My youth leader sat me down one Sunday afternoon and told me, “The Lord has given you far too many talents for Him not to use you in a great way in His work.”

Because isn’t that what it’s all about anyways? God has blessed us with different gifts and abilities so that we may serve Him and bring Him glory – each in our own, unique way. We all have a place to fill, a part of the body to function as, a purpose to fulfill that no one else on this earth can do.

And that’s all I really want to do with my life. I want to serve the Lord; I want my life to bring Him unimaginable amounts of glory; I want people to be able to get just a little glimpse of my life and say, “Wow… she has a great God. I want to know Him like she does. I want my life to shine forth His glory like hers does.”

To live a life that is pleasing to the Lord will surpass all the other “great expectations” anyone else could ever dream up for me. And that’s what I want.

What are some of the “Great Expectations” others have for you?
Do you have any “Great Expectations” for yourself?
If you could be anything in the world, what would it be?


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  1. It scares me sometimes how similar we are Heather, lol. I guess that is why we are friends! (We are both clumsy, we both hate talking in front of people, we both get scared about singing solos, we both wanted to be journalists, . . .) : )

    God will use all for His glory that will let Him!

    Great expectations? I am not sure. Many have told me I should be writing books. I would like to but God hasn’t led yet . . .

  2. Expectation #1: to become Jessica, Princess of Wales. Seriously. My mom had a slight obsession with Princess Diana & she was convinced I would somehow meet Prince William & marry him. I think that ship has sailed though… 😉

    #2: to be an actress. My drama days are over but some people still ask when I am going to reprise my roles as Lady MacBeth or Lydia the seller of purple & take em to the big screen. 😉

    #3: Discover the cure for a tropical disease. My uncle knew with my smarts, I’d be a doctor like him & help make a sickness obsolete. I don’t think I was ever that smart! 😉

    Being a missionary was never one though I know everyone is happy for me! 🙂

    • I could see you being a princess or an actress. But I cannot picture you as a doctor! LOL.

      I can most certainly picture you as a missionary though – and I know the Lord will use both you and your husband in wonderful and great ways in Peru.

  3. As for authoring, self-publishing is good and easier than ever. You could try or CreateSpace, those are both widely distributed and they look nice. I have a good friend at church who published his book through Lulu and it looked good. Just a suggestion.

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