Grasping tight the pen.

A couple weeks back, Lauren over at Beautifully Broken asked a group of bloggers to fill in for her while she enjoyed a much-needed vacation.

You may recognize Lauren – she wrote a guest post for my blog while I was recovering from surgery (which I am ever grateful for). You can read the guest post she wrote for Grow Up! {here}.

To read the guest post I wrote for Lauren, click the following link: {Grasping tight the pen.}

Here’s a small excert from the post:

There’s a catch though. It doesn’t just – {boom!} – happen right away. We have to wait. And waiting isn’t always easy to do, but if the Lord is in it then it’s always worth it. How often do we try to “make” things happen? How often do we try to weasel our plans into Father’s plans to make what we will to happen?

But that’s not how this works; that’s not how Father works. He is the Author of the future – and He does not need us to be co-authors. He needs us to be moldable, pliable, obedient characters to bring about the perfect story He has planned.

Read more of this post…

Lauren, I hope you have a beautiful and well-rested vacation! We look forward to your return to blogging so we can hear all about it.  :]

In addition to my guest post, I also wanted to share a video I just uploaded to my YouTube channel last night errmm, extremely early this morning.

This past Sunday morning (June 5, 2011), I sang my first ever solo in church — and this  is it. I hope it’s a blessing. The song is titled “A Greater Yes” – and in case you’re wondering, that’s also me playing the piano.  ;]


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  1. I remember my first solo in chapel when I was in Bible college. I was TERRIFIED!!! I was a piano player, NOT a singer, but singing was a requirement for music majors. Ugh. I went on to sing many more solos, and now I’m a voice teacher, but I still much prefer just playing the piano.. haha.

    Anyways, you sounded great, and I love the message in that song. Keep on using your music for HIM!

    • I can identify with being terrified. LOL. However, I don’t remember being terrified much by the time I hit the second verse of the song. I think I figured, “well, I’m up here now… and there’s no stopping this train… so I might as well just do it!” and so I did.

      I like to sing, but -like you- I much prefer simply playing the piano. :]

  2. Great job in both! My wife and I listened to the song and then read your entry. I commented over there, so you can read that for everything else I said!

  3. 🙂 your solo was nice made me smile. I like you blog too!! a lot lol thanks for always being honest!

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