Question of the day: King James I of England.

Three weeks ago I started a series of questions put forth by Dr. Sam Gipp in His book “The Answer Book.”* I know that everyone who reads this blog doesn’t agree with or even necessarily “like” Sam Gipp – and that’s okay. Really. As I said before, the point of these questions is not to start a Baptist War, but rather encourage everyone to engage in a discussion and learn from and among fellow believers.

I don’t want you to rely on “he said, she said” or even unconfirmed history. Read your Bible, study accurate accounts of History, pray about it, and take what you don’t understand by faith.

Usually Dr. Gipp’s written answer to the question would be published the Tuesday following each QOTD post, but the answer to this question will be posted on Wednesday. {something special is planned for tomorrow!}  So be sure to check back on Wednesday for the answer to today’s question.

Here’s the question for today…

I have been told that King James was a homosexual.  Is this true?

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Scriptures to back your position?

*All material from “The Answer Book”© is used on Grow Up! with permission received directly from Dr. Sam Gipp.


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  1. Who really knows? But one thing is for sure, he wasn’t Independent Baptist, but Church of England, so he couldn’t be completely right with God. For that matter, he was one of those that had Baptists killed or imprisoned for post-conversion baptisms. Consequently, because of the Doctrine of Separation, we shouldn’t be purchasing any of his literature, correct?

    Just asking.

  2. King james didn’t translate the bible, only allowed it to be done. What he was shouldn’t carry any weight. It would be like judging the apostle Paul’s work based on the character of caesar.

  3. I agree with John. In reading what others have said about King James (especially by those who are against a KJV position), you would think he was eccentric, weird, slightly crazy, a horrible sinner, and maybe a bit dopey. At least, that’s the impression that’s given. I’m not saying everyone thinks that about King James, but that was my impression of him for a long time. However, it’s my understanding that King James was a prolific writer himself. I have not read any of his writings, but my Mom has. She was surprised to find that he actually has a keen spiritual awareness and understanding in many of his own writings. So, maybe we should be reading what King James actually wrote, instead of reading what others wrote about him. But, I still agree with John, regardless of who James was, it doesn’t really affect the Bible.

  4. Earl Migriño

    No. Just rumors started by a guy named Anthony Weldon. I see some people are taking lightly the works and decisions of the saints of old like King James in this thread. ‘Tis no coincidence that God prepared King James to authorize the translation of the King James Bible.

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