Snow day snippets {6.4.11}

I know, I know… I missed last Saturday’s SDS post – I’m sorry. A thousand times over, I’m sorry. Actually, I missed a couple days worth of posts – I was very busy all weekend with a wedding and church.

I promise to try harder from now on.

I trust everyone had a great holiday last weekend – did anyone do anything or go anywhere special?  Like I said, I had a wedding and church, then on Monday I worked around my house, chilled in the sun with the dog, and watched movies.

I’ll stop babbling now and get to the part of the post you all really care about – the links! :]

Memorial Day Shout Outs  –  This is one of my favorite blogs to visit, but that’s not why I’m sending you there today. Meredith posted a song that was written by some friends of her husband in honor of veterans. It’s very inspiring.

Where, Oh Where Could He Be?  –  “…for most Americans, there is a belief that evil people will be punished in the afterlife. The numbers, from what I have seen in the past, are more than 62%. So, if this is the case, where should we expect to see bin Ladin? If not in hell, I have some ideas…”

Words to Cry Over  –  “Then she said something that I couldn’t understand. I asked her to say it again and again I couldn’t understand her. She said it over and over and over. Until I understood what she was saying…”

Dating The Rapture  –  “From the very first time I looked upon her she filled me with hope and wonder. There is no way to tell you how often thereafter my mind would dwell upon her, and the many ways in which I was sure she could change my life. Though little of her was known to me, that which I knew drew me to her and made me want to see her.”

The Shrine Down the Hall  –  “Seven years after the beginning of the Iraq War – and with U.S. troop deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan exeeding 5,000 – a look at some of the bedrooms America’s young war dead left behind.” | After you check out the pictures, you can read the article that goes along with it {here}.

Some new blogs out there in the blog-o-sphere…

  1. Rise Up! – this is written by Rachel, a friend I go to church with.
  2. Happy Trails 365 – this is written by my dear friend Jessica. She and her husband are on deputation raising support to be part of a missionary team going to Peru.

Question: What’s wrong with the following video?

Did you come across any interesting articles this week?
How about any interesting YouTube videos?


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  1. My wife and I were hiking with some youth in the Grand Canyon to Havasupai Falls Saturday through Wednesday. We even made some new friends from Pennsylvania! It was pretty cool.

    I read John Correia’s blog, A Biblical Framework (, and at the end of every month he posts links to interesting websites from that past month. One of my favorites (he alwasy finds some of the most interesting) is about Bass Reeves over at Art of Manliness ( ). It actually reminded me of your John Wayne post. (By the way, I really liked all of your posts this week, and I sometimes forget to pray, too! Hang in there with all the “stomach problems” too (that is how I refer to it quickly when either talking with my wife or saying a quick prayer))

    • I almost forgot to answer the question about the video!

      The first thing that came to mind was 1 Peter 3:15, of which I prefer how the NIV words it, so I will put both, in that we are to respond to people with “meekness and fear” (KJV) or “gentleness and respect.” I saw neither with this preacher.

  2. Did we go anywhere or do anything special?

    My daughter (Yvette) saya yes, in a way that surprised me. Friday I took her to two “intermittent” waterfalls she’d never seen (they only flow a couple of months each year), in a canyon about a mile directly west of our house. (Saturday I took her and a young friend from our neighborhood back again.)

    The first falls – the taller one – must be 50 or 75 feet high. It comes down a branch of the canyon from the snowfields, then leaps off a sheer, overhanging cliff and splashes down into a pool. Yvette walked down to it, snapping pictures all the way. Then she walked around behind it and just stood there, lifting both her arms up.

    “I’ve always wanted to stand behind a waterfall,” she said, “but I’ve never gotten to, and I’ve never told anyone I wanted to.”

    It was a neat feeling to find out I’d fulfilled one of her dreams, without even knowing she’d had it.

  3. Thank you for including me–and for the other links. I’ll be checking them out.

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