Confessions of a RIFB Girl of 20-something {I often forget to pray.}

Yesterday we I got back on track with this Confessions series. I’m not sure whether you’re happy about that or not, but… you know – a promise is a promise. And I promised I would finish this series. It may take me the next 10 years, but I’m gonna finish it.

I do want to apologize (blah, blah, blah) ahead of time for this video… the coloring is weird, as is the texture. It was recorded back in February when there was still snow on the ground, but somehow I lost it in the shuffle. And then there’s the wanna-be A.D.D. I seem to be suffering from in this video — seriously, I am all over the place. If nothing more, this video should prove to be somewhat amusing.  :]

This weekend I’m supposed to bake a “fancy” cake for a cake auction at my church. All the proceeds are going towards the 2011 missions trip to Costa Rica – and since I’m part of the team that’s going, I have to bake a cake. When I was first made aware of this, I laughed. However, the stern look that followed from our fearless leader told me he wasn’t kidding. I don’t know if I’ve ever shared my kitchen horror stories with you before, but they’re not pretty. The only thing I’m good for in the kitchen is a laugh.

*sigh* I take that back… I can bake decently for the most part… ehh… ish.

With that being said, I better get my act together when it comes to today’s Confessions topic. Then I ask that you all please pray for me, the kitchen I’ll be working in, the house said kitchen is located in, and the poor soul who buys my cake Sunday night. God bless them.

Confession: I often forget to pray.

How about you — do you ever forget to pray?
Or are you one of those perfect people that always remember to pray before breakfast, lunch, mid-day snack, dinner, bedtime, and all hours inbetween?  *pfft*  ;]


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  1. You should make this cake:

    It looks tasty and pretty! ❤ you!

  2. faith dusseault

    Although I have a list of prayer requests that I keep by my bed, I too, forget to take the time to go over it daily. Sometimes, its just plain laziness, distractions, etc. Not something to be proud of, its just something I can relate to.
    Throughout the day, the Lord may remind me of things and I have lots of “talks” in my head with Him or I may pray for someone/something while Im driving or doing other things. I know I need to stop and take time to actually focus and pray. Thanks for being honest and for this post. We need to be reminded and challenged daily to do better. 🙂

  3. I am thankful that I am no longer driving a school bus. Why? Because I always had a hard time getting up any earlier than I had to in order to pray. I always said, “God doesn’t even get up this early!”

    Well, now that summer is here, I still forget because sleeping in is so easy. I am truly a sinner, I know.

    • LOL. I love sleeping in. Unfortunately, I start work at 6:30 every day, so that whole “sleeping in” thing really isn’t an option for me — except for every other Friday (which is my day off) and Saturdays (when I’m not teaching piano lessons). *sigh*

  4. Call me a heathen, but I stopped praying before every meal. *GASP!* I stopped because I found myself praying the same ritualistic prayer over and over again before each meal, or the whole time I was praying I was more concerened with wheather or not I said enough to justify ending the prayer so I could get to my meal rather than the prayer itself.

    This doesn’t mean I refuse to pray before a meal, in fact I still do occationally when I am feeling particularly grateful or have something urgent I wish to talk to God about.

    • I can relate with this comment… somewhat.

      Most times that I forget to pray before a meal is not because I don’t *want* to pray or that I’m not thankful. But rather, it’s because I’m. JUST. SO. HUNGRY. that I chow down without even thinking about it.

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