That was awkward…

So, obviously the world didn’t end… or maybe it did; yet somehow the world is successfully ignoring it or simply completely uneffected by it. Which we know the latter is not true; therefore “we can know” that the world did not end (sorry, couldn’t help using Harold’s website name to point out the fact that he was wrong. ha.).

Anywho, in celebration of the world not ending, I’ve got here for you a collection of fun pictures regarding the rapture and -*drum roll please*- false prohets.

If you think of any good captions for said pictures leave them in the comments sections – make sure to specify what picture your caption corresponds with. I’ll number them to make it easier for you.

# 1 ~ "I told you so..." - God.

# 2 ~ (you’re on your own on this one…)

# 3 ~ "the dead in Christ shall rise first" Star Wars edition.


# 4 ~ Wait - only 27 people were raptured. It all makes sense now...

# 5 ~ Aesop was a deep thinker. really.


# 6 ~ I need to get myself a fur coat like that... looks cozy.


# 7 ~ ...meanwhile Cecelia continued yelling at George on the other end of the phone because he still hadn't delivered her coffee to her.


# 8 ~ "Mathew" = spelling epic fail.


# 9 ~ "My, what big teeth you have!" ~ little red riding hood


# 10 ~ We'll call this the "Copper Rule."


# 11 ~ (I got nothing for this one either...)


# 12 ~ How would you answer this poll?

I keep checking Harold’s {website} to see if he’s written any sort of “explanation” for his miscalculations and false predictions. But nope – nothing yet. Please let me know if you’ve spotted something elsewhere.

Also, I downloaded this book {“The Doomsday Code” by Robert Fitzpatrick} for free (wOOt!) from his website this morning. It’s some 350+ pages long, and I probably will only scan through it, but maybe this will help me understand the chaos that is crashing around in Harold’s little head.


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  1. Haha! These are all awesome!

  2. #2 A wolf in sheep’s clothing looks pretty ridiculous!

    #1 Uh, Awkward moment!
    (in the words of Heather and Scott)

    #11 Watch out for the wolf whispering in your ear.

    (Sorry, my creative part of the brain is sleeping. You don’t need to use them!!!)

    • I agree with your assessment of #2. However, I’m not entirely convinced I spelled “assessment” correctly.

      Yeah, Scott and I do say “awkward moment” a little much.

      I would probably stroke out if a wolf ever tried to do such a thing in my ear.

  3. The first picture is hilarious, thanks for sharing these they’re all pretty good.

  4. I literally would like to vote on that poll… the results should be interesting…

  5. If you have read the writings of Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), you would see just how correct you initially were in this post.

    You see, after the Earth was initially destroyed to make way for an interstellar expressway, a new Earth was made in roughly the same position it had been. Of the billions of people whom had been obliterated and subsequently re-created, they came up with the theory that the Earth’s destruction had indeed been an illusion and not really happened.

    In other words, they ignored it and were otherwise unaffected by the destruction of the Earth. Except, of course, that the dolphins were all gone.

    • …which is unfortunate, because I really like dolphins. :]

      I think I may have seen bits and pieces of the movie of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” – and if I remember correctly, I was bored out of my mind. Oops. LOL!

  6. Mitchell Killian

    #2 “Wile E. Coyote was a genius!”

  7. I think I’ve seen Number 11at a few churches

  8. #1 “I wonder if He actually does come if I’d be able to get my deposit back?”

    #2. “All I gotta say is that after this they had better initiate me into the pack”

    This “Big Poppa” calling “Water Walker 1”. We are “T” minus 2 minutes what is our system status? over.

    This is “Water Walker 1”. Angels are standing by, Gabe’s got the trumpet all tuned, and I’ve been resting my voice all morning so I should be good for at least one good shout. We’ve got all green lights here just waiting for your signal. over.

    Alright, Standby “Water Walker 1”. We’re “T” minus 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…Cue the trumpet…2…1…
    Lift Off! We have Rapture folks, good job everybody!

    #4 The reason why Fizzie-Lifting-Drinks were only on the market for a half an hour.

    #5 Appearances may be deceptive, but if I saw a wolf/sheep hybrid coming at me I’m pretty sure I’d know something was up right away

    #6 We the protest against W.E.T.A. didn’t quite have the turnout he had hoped, but at least he looked good

    #7 “The Rapture” “No, Todd’s just having another nervous breakdown and is running around in his boxers again”

    #8 Someone obviously used a little too much Scotts Miracle Grow on that grass cause its changing all sorts of strange colors.

    #9 After years of experiamentation, science has finally developed the self-sheering sheep

    #10 No wonder Jeremiah turned out to be the weeping prophet; I’d be upset too if my mom yelled at me like that.

    #11. Much to his dismay Ted did not win the prize for originality at the annual wolf pack costume party.

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