My Ceiling {clumsy Christian.}

Last night as I adjusted my pillow  my blanket flew off my arm and knocked over a full bottle of IZZE all over my brand new bookshelf headboard. This morning I knocked over a can of Aizona half-and-half green tea and lemonade. It. was. a. mess. And then I realized, you know, sometimes my Spiritual life isn’t any more graceful than my physical one — I’m a clumsy individual, and sometimes (more times than not) I’m a clumsy Christian.

People. I have a love/hate relationship with people. And I’m pretty sure that they all feel the same way about me. I mean, people are supposed to be the most important aspect of our earthly life. People are the only living things that have a soul, an eternal destination waiting for them. Yet, regardless of how important they really are, I get annoyed and even spiteful towards them… and my attitude stinks. It’s as if it is saying, if the world had more people like me in it — well, then it would be a perfect, wonderful place. yeahhh. riiiight.

ok, so maybe my bookshelf isn't THIS bad...

I feel like I have books coming out of my ears. not literally. but I think you know what I mean. My bookshelf is packed full of books, and then some. In fact, there’s really no room left on my bookshelf anymore — so now, when I get new books I just stack them on top, on the side, on my dresser, on the floor, under the armour, etc. And I want to read them all, I just seem to be lacking the time I need to read them. Orrrr, I start a book, and then start another book, and another book, and… well, long story short: I’m working on reading about 5 books right now. Ready? Set? Scream.

I need to be honest with you all… I haven’t read my Bible in a few days. At least, not as I should be reading it. Perhaps I’ll read a verse here and there, but I haven’t actually taken the time to just be still before the Lord and read His Word without distractions or intruding thoughts. Maybe because I am a little distracted by life right now… but isn’t that the most important time for me to be in my Bible – when life is distracting and overwhelming? God help me to be more faithful.

Does (or did) anyone else ever freak out about what they would name their future children? Or am I the only one? Because I literally stress out about it. It’s so silly and, to be honest, rather stupid – but I do that. I’m not married. I don’t even have any prospects for marriage at this time… but man, I’ve got a whole sheet of paper (front and back) full up of names that I’m going to name my kids. Hopefully, I won’t use all of them, because… well… that’s a lot of kids – and I really don’t think I’d make a good “old woman in the shoe.” But at least there’s lots to pick from. *sigh* I’m unique… God made me this way. :]

What random thoughts are on your mind?
What would you write on your ceiling/blog if you had one?

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  1. 1: If one of my neighbors was a serial killer how would we go about collecting evidence against him?

    2: My overabundance of books and frustration that I haven’t read them all yet…and I still am after more books! There are some commentary sets and systematic theologies I need to collect. So much to read, so little time…

    You asked. Thanks for posting!

    • Your #1 seems a bit on the dangerous side. but then again, if I may borrow a quote from the Lion King: “I laugh in the face of danger… mwuahahaha.” :]

      I did ask. And I’m glad you shared your answer!

  2. Random thoughts enter in and out of my mind day in and day out . . . .

    1. I was thinking the other day about whether my future house would have a big porch or not because I love big porches . . . um, I can’t even afford an apartment let alone a house.

    2. Books? Don’t even get me started . . . :,)

    If you are struggling with Bible reading time, take it to God and ask Him to renew your thirst for it. We ALL have times in our lives that we stray away from faithful reading. Trust me!!!

    • I love big porches. :] unfortunately, we have a little one. I can’t afford an apartment either… which is why I’m thankful the madre and padre don’t mind me sticking around their house-with-the-small-porch for a while. :] haha.

      Thank you for the comment.

  3. I am totally clumsy in my faith. I am getting better, but I like comparing that to carrying a full bucket while walking down an awkward hill. I spill slightly less drops every few steps, but I still manage to lose a couple gallons!

    I love people, but I seriously struggle with stupidity. Have you noticed most people in our country tend to be very stupid? Yeah, it means I am constantly struggling.

    My wife and I have a few bookshelves fully stocked with more books on the tops, sides, and around them. I am currently reading three books for school, a fictional book series (Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series) so that my wife can have someone who understands several of her jokes (she gladly watches “Futurama” with me for the same reason), “Heaven Is for Real” by Todd Burpo, and a couple theology books while every so often taking a peek at my latest Popular Science magazine. I understand what you mean. I have about 70 waiting to even be opened.

    I read my Bible every day, but I do not always study it. I think it is actually okay, as long as we remember to keep Christ first in what we do. I often fail at this, too.

    I have not really gotten many people to like my name choice for a son: Mahalalel. Read the first geneaology in Genesis. My wife has agreed to at the very least let me get a dog and name it Mahalalel, and she may allow it as a middle name. It means “praise or dance before God,” hence my liking it. We also have several names picked out … mostly for girls. She is not pregnant. I have often thought of children’s names. A friend and I like this name: Demetrius Ulysses Claudius Klem. No one else likes it so much since the initials spell duck. The names are fine, the initials no so much.

    • There is just SO much going on in your comment! LOL :]

      Yes, I have definitely noticed the lack of brains people in America have. I think that’s partly due to the fact that we think people just owe us stuff because we’re Americans. No need to earn it, learn it, or actually work for it… no, no – just hand it over.

      70 books in the que?! I don’t think I have *quite* that many, thank God. You’d probably find me rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere if that were the case.

      As for your names… I’m gonna keep my mouth shut on that one, because I have plenty of “weird” names on my list as well. Take “Joses” for example. Ever heard of that one? I believe it’s in the Bible. :]

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