Prayer: touching the heart of God.

The Lord is so good. The weather this week has been beautiful – with just a couple of storms. I noticed the grass at my house this morning – it looked perfect. It was a rich green, freshly cut, thick – I don’t think I’ve ever seen grass so perfect before. And the trees had little leaves on them waiting to grow to their complete size in the coming days. The flowers were beautiful, vibrantly colored, and dancing in the breeze. And all this I noticed in a 5-second walk from my front door to my car.

The Lord amazes me each time that He answers a prayer. I’m amazed not because I think He’s incapable of answering prayers – but because He grants me access to His throne room and to His heart. He allows my prayers to touch and influence His heart. He not only hears me, he listens  to me!

The Lord knows every desire of my heart. He has heard each silent, faint cry and prayer. There’s a line in a song that I love titled “It Pays to Pray” (by Greater Vision), and it says: “He will hush the angel praises just to hear what you are saying!”  Can you even fathom that? The God of Heaven, the One Who inhabits praise, will quiet the angels to listen to your prayers. He cares that much  about what is on my heart. The bridge of the songs says this: “Prayer is just as big as God is. Prayer is just as strong as God is strong. Prayer can reach as far as God can reach. Don’t ever give up, just pray.”

Psalm 40 is probably one of the greatest Psalms of praise the Christian can recite to the Lord. It reminds me where He brought me from, and why. It reminds me Who He is, and Who I am; how worthy He is, and How unworthy I am. But it all starts with verse 1: “I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.”

First, we had to wait patiently. Then He inclined.

I looked up the meaning of “incline” – it means “to bow, nod, or bend (the head, body, etc.); to cause to lean or bend in a particular direction.”

When I worked at a daycare, the classroom was always loud and bustling with excited little boys and girls. But every once in a while there would be a child who was upset or hurt and they would come crying to my side. I usually had a hard time hearing what they were saying through their sniffles and wimpers and the noise of the surrounding room. I would often have to lean down in their direction, or kneel beside them in order to hear what they were telling me.

That’s what God does for us. He inclines  His ear to us when we pray. He leans, and bows His ear in our direction. That is an amazing thought. The God of Heaven, Who created the worlds and all that is therein, loves you and I so much that He takes complete interest in what we pray that He literally bows down His ear in our direction.

We have an amazing God. We are so blessed.

A couple years back I wrote a song and titled it “I’ll Pray for You.”  I can’t remember what was going on at the time that I wrote it. I don’t remember if I or someone else was going through a heartache. I can’t remember if something big was going on in the lives of my church family. I really don’t remember. But it has been a blessing to me over the past few months. Perhaps I’ll have the chance to do a make-shift recording of it and post it for you all to listen to it. But for now, I hope the words will be an encouragement and a blessing to you.

I’ll Pray for You

I saw you praying at the altar this morning.
I could tell something heavy was on your heart.
I want you to know
Even though you can’t see His Hand move –
Jesus is there, He hears your prayer,
He’ll see you thru.
And there’s just one more thing you should know…

I’ll pray for you; you pray for me –
There is nothing we can’t conquer on our knees.
When needs are great, when needs are small –
My God is good all the time.
I’ll pray for you.

I know it hurts and I don’t have the answers;
And I wish I could say I feel your pain –
But the truth is
That this is going to work out for your good –
And we’ll give Him the praise for all of the ways
He’s proved Himself true.
And there’s just one more thing you should know…

I’ll pray for you; you pray for me –
There is nothing we can’t conquer on our knees.
When needs are great, when needs are small –
My God is good all the time,
And He’s in control of it all –
My God is good all the time!
I’ll pray for you.

(c) Heather Vires, 2009


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  1. Amen, He does condescend to hear our prayers, and answers them yet, what joy do we have because of that.

  2. Very encouraging, Heather, and also humbling.

  3. What a lovely prayer,all we need is to pray

  4. Nice post and May God Almighty Richly Blessed you.

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