Why I love the Lord.

On Sunday nights after the evening service, a group of the “singles” (not restricted to age, or even marital status really… we just say “singles” because we make up the majority of the group) usually go out to dinner or dessert. This past Sunday, however, we didn’t go out after the service. We stayed at the church and had a prayer meeting, after which my friend bought pizza for everyone.

There were eight of us all together, and for over an hour we shared prayer requests and sought the Lord in prayer. Some people are burdened with financial difficulties, others with strained or severed relationships, and others with illnesses and injuries. But God is good, and I know that He is weaving the tapestry of every life to bring about His will for us.

I want to tell you a little about the God that I serve. I don’t know how well you know Him. I have no doubt that many of you probably know Him even better than I do. But I love Him.

My God is good. and everything that He does is good, even if it doesn’t appear that way to me. My God’s grace is good, and His mercy is good. His forgiveness is good.

His will for my life is good, and the purposes He has created me for are good. His plans are good – even when they conflict with my own plans. My God is a beautiful dreamer towards me.

His love is good. His love is pure. His love is perfect, and it casts out my every fear. There isn’t a thought that I have that He isn’t aware of. There isn’t a tear that I cry that He doesn’t catch and store in a little bottle. There isn’t a sigh I breathe that He doesn’t take note of.

My name is etched on the very palm of His hand, and there isn’t a moment that goes by that He isn’t calling my name out in prayer.

My God has never failed… He’s never even come close. He’s never broken a promise, left a prayer unanswered, forsaken His children, or fallen short of all He’s claimed to be.

He is worthy of my every breath, thought, word, action. He’s worthy of my every praise, and no rocks will ever praise Him in my place. He is so worthy, and I am so unworthy – yet He loves me.

He’s greater than even the word could ever hope to describe. He’s so trustworthy; He’s so faithful; He’s so true. He is my truth. He is my life. He is my eternity.

He’s my Savior, Sacrifice, Redeemer, stable Foundation, sure Word, and Sustainer. He’s righteous, just, and kind.

He is the King of kings; He is the Lord of lords; He is the God of gods; He is the Light and Life of all who trust in Him. He is the Holy, Holy, Holy One of Heaven.

He is the object of my worship, and I am the object of His affection. He is the subject of my life, and I am the subject of His love. He is the reason for my salvation, and I am the reason for His sacrifice.

He is all that ever was, ever is, and ever will be worth singing about. He’s the reason I sing, and He is the song that is ever on my lips. He is the Beginning and the End of a thing, and all that is inbetween.

He is the Best there ever was, and there is nothing that will ever be better.

He is the Word of the Lord, the Water my soul thirsts for, and the Will of the Father.

He claimed to be the great “I AM” – and He is. He has been everything I could ever need or want. He is my Best Friend. He is the lover of my soul. He is mine. and I love Him.

I love Him not just because of what He’s done for me, but because of Who He is. I love Him because He first loved me. I love Him not just for Bethlehem, but for Calvary. I love Him not just for yesterday, today, or tomorrow, but for all of eternity.

Who is God to you?
What does He mean to you?
Why do you love Him?


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  1. Good thoughts, Heather. Sometimes I just like to sit back and meditate on the qualities and attributes of God. I like to hear people brag on my God, similar to S.M. Lockridge’s “That’s My King!” sermon.

  2. It took me more years than I like to admit to realize the difference between being “reborn” and LOVING the Lord. When a baby is born, it has new life, but it has to “Grow Up” a bit before it can begin to really love its parents. I’m very glad you love Him NOW.

    And, of course, he teaches us a second kind of love, which is says is just as important – not just “loving God” but also “loving our neighbors.” That’s an action love. I like the way Greg Boyd, a pastor in St. Paul, Minnesota, describes it: “not a feeling one has … rather a commitment one makes, a stance one takes toward another, and an activity one does … a kind of love you can have … when the other is your enemy … the kind of love God had for us while we were yet sinners and the kind of love we are commanded to have toward all others. It is the kind of love God was aiming at in creating the world.”

  3. Amen. Amen.

    1: Life itself. Outside of Him, I have nothing. Outside of Him, I am nothing. He is my only merit, and my only joy. He is my only life and song, He is my Master, and I am His joyful slave.

    2: Everything.

    3: Because He first loved me and gave Himself for me. He died for me, my life is over. He sought me, when I was so far away, and called me to Him, when I am so unworthy…how could I not love Him if that is true? I am His and my only desire is to grow to love Him more. Also, because He is God, and is the only One worthy of love, in a universe of unlovely creatures, for He is altogether lovely.

    Thanks for posting.

  4. Very true!

    God means everything to me…I don’t know what I’d do without Him.

  5. When everyone agreed to the prayer meeting, I was excited. It had been a while since we had truly joined together in prayer, and I knew we all had things that needed an extra hand or two in being prayed over it. It was an awesome experience that I hope we can do again really soon!

    I have a feeling that a big shift is coming on soon in our church: people leaving for ministry and making changes in life. The only thing that will keep our group together is through prayer. Not just prayer, but PRAYER!

    God is so good to me! I could never praise Him, thank Him, or love Him as much as He deserves . . . but I won’t quit trying! He has blessed me more than I will EVER deserve!!!!

    If everyone is blessed with even one friend like you seven are, they are blessed for life!

  6. Oh…by the way, I guess when you are logged into wordpress and you comment, it highlights it purple! V

  7. Genesis 2:21——the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam

    John 19:33——when they came to Jesus, and saw that he was dead already. Just sleep not dead.
    1 Corinthians 15:55——written, Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

    Isaiah 25:8——He will swallow up death in victory,

    Genesis 2:21——-he took one of his ribs.

    John 19:34——-the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.

    Blood Believe

    Water Baptized.

    God bless you all Amen. Facebook id tinkuverma913@gmail.com

  8. Great hymn of praise from you Heather Joy and I know it came from the heart. Thanks for sharing and I echo all you said. The Lord is EVERYTHING!

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