Snow day snippets {5.7.11}

Since last weekend’s SDS post a lot has happened. Countless “Royal Wedding” talk (meh…), Osama Bin Laden killed, doctors appointments up the wazzoo, church activities, Missions Trip Fundraisers, etc and etc. *sigh* It’s been busy.

I won’t bore you with more talk from me, so let’s just get started with this week’s links…

Goodness Gracious  –  “I do not believe that private citizens should take the law into their own hands to kill abortionists. But the same state that has spent millions of dollars and nearly ten years to hunt down one killer in Bin Laden, in those same years has spent millions of dollars to protect men like George Tiller whose grisly work has resulted in many times over the number of deaths Bin Laden gave us. God bless the USA?”

Let Go of Me, Jesus – this is Awkward  –  “It was like she had found the love of her life and wasn’t letting go, even if he wasn’t going to hug her back. … When I couldn’t bear the awkwardness any longer, I finally walked over to my daughter, stooped down, and peeled her arms off Justin’s neck. I made a joke about Justin being her first crush, and he uncomfortably laughed as I carried my daughter away.”

Fake MLK & Mark Twain quotes bounce around Twitter and Facebook  –  “To reflect on the historical significance of Osama bin Laden’s death while maintaining a decidedly non-celebratory stance, many social media hacks have been passing around touching quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mark Twain.”

Update: ‘sticky note campaign’ gains momentum  –  “I don’t know who started this campaign or what their ultimate motive was, but the conservative blogosphere is spreading the word and setting some ground rules. I’m quickly becoming a fan of this campaign for a few key reasons…”

Here are a bunch of articles and blogposts* about the death of Osama Bin Laden written by other people across the cyberworld. Some you may have seen or read already, some you may not have…

*I don’t claim to agree with any articles listed, unless otherwise noted via a comment I wrote. I am posting them merely for your benefit.

…          …          …          …

The following is a comment conversation I had with a fellow blogger under her post (linked to in above list) which basically sums up my stance on the death of Osama Bin Laden. My comments are in purple; her comments are in turquoise.

“For me, it wasn’t that I was excited to see Osama die because I “knew for certain” that he’d spend eternity in a Christless Hell. I don’t rejoice when Hell receives new residents, and I certainly did not walk around saying, “Well, Bin Laden got what he deserved. Fry, baby, fry…” No.

But I am rejoicing that justice was served. I’m thankful that after 10+ years, this particular episode is behind us and we can move forward in winning this war.

My God is a just God, and sin has consequences. My Bible says that the wages of sin is death, and in Osama’s case it meant literally.

What if we had captured Osama? He would have still been put to death… after some time spent behind bars and a long trial. But regardless, he still would have had to answer for the crimes he committed and was involved in behind the scenes.

So rejoice in some going to Hell? absolutely not.
But rejoice that justice has been served? every time.

Just my thoughts on the matter….”

“As long as you’re not dancing in the streets! Snicker.

A lot of people feel like this is some kind of closure, like something has been book ended or put behind us. I don’t feel that. *shrugs* I don’t feel like this means anything, really. But I understand that some people do feel personal closure.”

“Why not dance in the streets? justice has been served!

David danced in the streets when his army one victories! I have no doubt that there was dancing when the Revolutionary and Civil wars were won. I would bet my life that there was dancing in response to the victories of WWI and WWII. So why should this war be any different?

When the right wins, there is cause for celebration. Is the war over yet? Nope. But we’re one step closer than we were before.”

“Well, like I touched on in the post, I don’t think celebrating over the death of an enemy brings glory to God, or helps spread his Good News.

And honestly, I don’t think there’s a winner in this war. Except perhaps the missionaries that have been able to enter into the countries where previously they weren’t able. Assuming that every place the US goes to war is a God sanctioned Holy War is not the case, in my opinion.”

“Rejoice in death? No. that’s not what I was saying.
Rejoice in victory, in justice, in the right prevailing? yes. and rightly so.”

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I liked Kevin DeYoung, Josh Harris’ and Ink Slinger’s response. I try to keep up with those fairly regularly.

  2. You know I’m with you on this one, Heather. Thanks for the pingback!

  3. I agree with Mike, and you. Seriously, my first response to the news was “What?! They interrupted ‘America’s Next Restaurant’ just as they were about to announce the winner?!” (In Arizona, which is currently on Pacific Time).

    Then they said it was for news about Osama bin Laden, and I said to my wife “Well, either he has been killed or captured.” I put “killed” first because it made sense that this was it. I then said “I am happy he can no longer kill and destroy, but I am sad he has to suffer as he surely is now.”

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