Question of the day: preachers.

I know technically we’re not supposed to play “favorites,” but we’re humans and it’s in our nature to rebel a little. Don’t judge me – you do it to.

I’m giving you a break this week – you won’t even have to really think at all for this one. So answer me this question… because I like to listen to good preaching and am willing to try out a couple preachers I may never have heard of or at least listened to before.

I’ll go first and tell you some of my favorites, then you leave me a comment below with some of your faves.

  1. Evangelist Brian McBride
  2. Bro. Roger Henson
  3. Evangelist C.T. Townsend
  4. Evangelist Jason Kendrick
  5. Dr. Keith Gomez
  6. Dr. Sam Gipp
  7. Dr. R.B. Ouellette
  8. Dr. Phil Kidd
  9. Pastor Rick Williams
  10. Pastor Ken Graham
  11. Dr. Jon Kenkins
  12. Evangelist Dan Martin
  13. Dr. Jack Schaap

Who are your favorite preachers? Leave as few or as many as you want.
And if you have a favorite sermon that you’ve heard, leave the title of it with the name of whoever preached it.
Better yet, if you have a link to an .mp3 or video format of it, leave that as well!

Note: If you’ve never used Sermon Audio or Sermin Index, I encourage you to check them out — they’re awesome (and free)!  :]


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  1. Herb Reavis
    Jeff Laborge
    Johnny Hunt
    David Platt
    Fred Luter

  2. I used to listen to Christian radio, but it all started to sound the same.

    My new latest favorite is Kris Vallotton his preaching is so refreshing!

    – Bill Johnson
    – Dennis Cramer
    – Brian Simmons

  3. Dr. Bill Grady
    Pastor Rick Sowell
    Dr. Ruckman
    Dr. Sam Gipp
    Pastor Mark Lawless
    Pastor Mike Hoggard
    Pastor James Knox

    My favorite sermon is a toss up between “Hush, You Don’t Speak Greek” by Dr. Norris Belcher and “Shibboleth or Sibboleth – 7 Signs of Pseudo King James Onlyism” by Dr. Grady preached at Crown College Chapel.

    • thankful and blessed to see my pastor on the list (Mark Lawless)

      For anyone interested, you can hear more of his preaching at: “The Concerned Christian” is one of the last messages to be added, it is excellent for Christians facing the great falling away today.

  4. JosiahCheedie

    Dr. Rick Sowell – My Pastor
    Dr. Herbert Noe – My Former Pastor
    Pastor David Heaton – My Youth Pastor
    Bro. Bobby Utley
    Dr. Sam Gipp
    Bro. Tim Ruhl
    Pastor Jack Trieber – My Pastor in College
    Dr. David Gibbs
    Tony Hutson
    Brian McBride
    Roger Henson
    Mark McGauhey
    Jack Hyles
    Peter S. Ruckman
    Dr. Don Green
    Pastor Mike Ray
    Bro. Brad Boruff – President of GSBC

    These are just a few of my favorites! Preaching is such a huge part of my life and is so vitally important these days.

    Here is a link to a young guy who just graduated from Golden State Baptist College he was my floor monitor in Bible College he does a WONDERFUL job

  5. James Knox is a very good one!
    I also like Dr. Bill Grady.

    My personal favorite is my Preacher, Paul Kingsbury.

    You can watch some of his videos here : RuTV Livestream

  6. I’ve been blessed to have many excellent pastors with hearts of real Christian love. As to preaching, though, my nod has to go to Dr. Mark Rutland.

    Mark consistently said the most in one sermon of any minister I’ve ever heard (and that’s saying quite a lot). He was loving, filled with joy, had an unstoppable sense of humor – and always introduced his wife as “The most beautiful woman in the world.”

    He later went on to be president of Southeastern University and now is president of Oral Roberts University.

  7. 1. Mike Miller
    2. Richard Owen
    3. Leonard Ravenhill
    4. Paul Washer
    5. Paris Reidhead
    6. John MacArthur
    7. A. W. Tozer
    8. Vance Havner
    9. Tim Conway

  8. Add David Gibbs to that list, I like to listen to him too.

  9. 1. Dr. Herbert Noe
    2. Sam Gipp – favorite sermon is “The Jilted God”
    3. Charles Clark, Jr.
    4. Charles Clark, III
    5. Michael Clark
    6. Richard Sowell
    7. Alan Ryman
    8. Bobby Utley
    9. Terry Anglea
    10. Judson Mitchell

  10. This is by no means exhaustive, for I will probably respond again. (by the way, it’s “you do it, too”)

    Chuck Swindoll
    Tony Evans
    Erwin Lutzer
    Tim Lee (the Marine)
    Paige Patterson (Southwestern Seminary)
    Johnny Hunt
    E. V. Hill
    Steve Brown (the Presbyterian)
    Al Goss (former pastor)
    Ravi Zacharias
    And a few others that slip my mind right now.
    Should I include myself? 🙂 I can’t yell you the times I’ve listened to myself only to think, “wow, that was good! Where did I come up with that?”

    • I would like to add
      Jerry Vines
      Vance Havner
      Oliver B. Green
      Lester Roloff (even though I don’t agree 100%)
      John Hagee (yes, we differ theologically in some areas, but he’s a powerful preacher)

    • Carla J Walker

      Great choices A. C. Baker! And go figure they are from different denominations & ethnicities.

  11. Billy Graham, Chuck Swindol, Dr. David Jeremiah, and my pastor, Christy Shaw (Turning Point Church of Lenewee County).

  12. Paul Washer and Leonard Ravenhill. A large portion of my YouTube channel favorites ( consist of Paul Washer videos.

    Also: for a really, really good Ravenhill video, check out my blog (click on my name); I just posted one on there. Good stuff.

    Thanks for this opportunity, Heather!
    God bless,
    Joel >.
    2 Chronicles 7:14; Romans 5:8.

  13. That is a great video, Joel.

  14. Rainbowsoffaith

    My fave preacher is Mike Simmons, an SBC preacher. Maybe I’m biased because he was a great Texan accent.

  15. Dr. Mark Rutland
    Late Rev. Joshua Moses
    Joel Osteen
    Rev. Thomas Bhooshanraj
    Dr. Morris Sheats
    Reinhard Bonnke
    Evangelist Joe Oden
    Rev. Paul Thangiah
    Daniel K. Norris
    Jeff Baldwin
    Rev. Sam Hinn



  16. check out reg kelly on sermon audio..He will pin your ears back and give you the gospel, I liken him to james knox

  17. Terry Anglea
    Larry Brown
    Jack Trieber
    James Delaschmidt

  18. Christian Sermons has come out many times that has affirmed the
    Holy Spirit has touched many other. Christian Sermons are indeed a means to
    express at least to an extent the power of Jesus Christ.

    Christian Sermons can convict you and almost force you
    to come to terms with the ability of Jesus Christ. Many Years ago I prayed and prayed for God to
    show me the way, the light, and the path for my motive.
    How God could bless others through me. Enoch is an
    outstanding example of man that walked with God and was taken or interpreted.
    Christian Sermons hopes I have had and validated the response to a lot of prayers.
    Even though you love God you may very well (if definitely) still
    sin not but you can do the best that you can to prevent temptations that lead to sin.

    I come from a family that preaches the Gospel and Christian
    Sermons are a wonderful way to spread the word of God.

    It truly is crystal clear for the Bible. The King James
    version is what is used as Biblical “calibration” but as long as you understand this you’ve come a really long way from your everyday non believer. Genuine Christian Sermons will always verify or validate this.

  19. My favorite preacher is James Knox. One of my favorite series of messages is called Happy Holidays. I have learned more from Bro. Knox’s Bible based preaching than any other preacher. If you want preaching that is Bible based, he is excellent.

  20. I have two favorites. I would say Mark Lawless of Battlefield Baptist Church in Kentucky is my favorite. One of his good messages it titled “Make Believe Christisns.” It is on Sermon Audio. Also we have been a fan of James Knox, pastor of Bible Believers Baptist in Deland, Florida for many years. He has a series called “Sound Doctrine” that is SO good.

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