Snow day snippets {4.30.11}

This week was probably one of the most insane, busiest weeks I’ve had in a long time. Yesterday I felt like I was slowly slipping into a mental condition worthy of the psych ward. Then I hit a sugar high when I was helping bake little cakes for a Missions Trip fundraiser. It was crazy.

So, needless to say, I’m thankful that the weekend is here, despite the fact that I’m not going to see much of it. It’s a jam-packed weeked full of events and activities and music practices. But I’m excited about it. And a little stressed out.

On that note, I hope you enjoy the articles I linked to in this week’s SDS’s post… — and I’m going to go sit in a corner somewhere – knees to my chest, while rocking back and forth.  ;]

Bible Readers Prefer King James Version  –  “If thou hast a Bible in the house right now and readeth it at least once a month, chances are strong it’s the majestic King James Version of the Bible in Elizabethan English, a new survey out today finds. Of the 89% of U.S. adults who own at least one Bible, 67% own a King James, which marks its 400th anniversary this year, according to LifeWay Research, a Nashville-based Christian research agency.”

Bible edits leave some feeling cross  –  “While the changes may seem small, they are resounding throughout Christianity, whose many denominations formed or broke off from others over clashing interpretations of God’s word. The two new translations touch on some of the most sensitive issues behind those differences, particularly on the inequality of women in society and on the divinity of Mary and — by extension — the birth of Jesus.”

YouVersion | 400 Years, 400 Seconds  –  On May 2, the goal is to read through the entire KJV in 400 Seconds (that’s 6 minutes and 40 seconds). Click the link and take a look around the site for more information. There’s still time to sign up if you want to get in on this! I just signed up myself and plan to post a special post on May 2 in support of this effort.

Rabboni  –  “The focus of Scripture is always on what God has done to glorify His name and to rescue His people. But there are times when we can glean something distinctive from the account of a particular person in the Bible. From Mary Magdalene, I see what devotion looks like even when God’s activities seem confusing or disappointing.”

Free Bible Downloads  –  If you’re looking for a Bible to store on your computer or an audio version of the Bible, this might be of some interest to you.

Fear of Everything is the Best Policy  –  “And what is with parents waiting every afternoon for fifteen minutes in their cars for the bus to drop their precious angels off after a day of government sponsored daycare? God forbid the little crumb-crunchers learn how to walk an entire block to their house, unlock the door, and get their own dang Oreos.”

Susan Boyle Becomes A Double Act  –  Take a look at this! It’s amazing how much her wax double actually looks like her. “Boyle gingerly eyed her wax look-alike as it was unveiled today before posing alongside the model for photographers, joking: ‘She’s doing a better job than me!'”

I’m not sure if you’ve all seen this or not, but Carrie Underwood sang “How Great Thou Art” at some event. She nailed it. But it saddens me to see the crowd of people getting emotionally caught up in something they don’t believe or understand. I’m not judging… I’m just speculating that many people in the crowd probably have no idea what’s really going on in that song. “When Christ shall come… and take me home” — I wonder if He came back today, how many would be left behind because they’ve not trusted in Him. “My Savior, God… how great Thou art” — Many people today won’t even acknowledge that He’s God, nonetheless His greatness. Many view Him as a myth, some fictional character that is cruel and judgmental and unloving. But He’s not. He’s good; He’s great; and my soul sings to Him!

I’ll get off my soap box now.  ;]  Enjoy the song.


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