Get off facebook! Be a man!

I don’t know much about Paul Washer… in fact, I honestly don’t think I’d ever heard of him before I came across this videoback in February. I have no idea what his exact stances are on the Bible, or Salvation, or what His standards are. At the same time, I don’t agree with everything John Piper teaches or what Charles Spurgeon believed either, but that doesn’t stop me from quoting them from time to time.

The title is what caught my attention first, so I decide to give it a listen. I like it.

At the same time, I think it’s just as important for the ladies to recieve this same message. Be a woman. Stand for something worth standing for. Fight for the truth. Teach the younger women what is right and what is wrong.

Now, lest you think me a hypocrite, I will freely admit that I have a personal facebook account, as does this site have a facebook fan page.

Facebook can be a very useful tool. It allows millions of people to keep in contact with other people all over the world – a much more effecient means than snail mail, to be sure. Just be careful that it doesn’t replace the important things in life – time in your prayer closet, reading God’s Word, going to Church, witnessing to the lost. There is a time and place for everything;  don’t let facebook be out of place by replacing the things that you should be doing.


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  1. It seems obvious he doesn’t think very much of women, especially with the little girls remark.

    • Really? For almost 4 minutes he encourages men to get serious and do serious things that reflect serious believes; by being less concerned about the things of this world and more concerned about sacrificing and doing whatever it takes to bring the gospel of life to those who haven’t heard -including women, and you only noticed the ‘little girls’ analogy? Did I miss something here?

    • I have to disagree with you, Lisa. He was not belittling women at all; but rather, he was referring to effeminate men. He was encouraging men to actually BE men.
      He did not mean it as an insult to the female population.

  2. Paul is a fine preacher. He is quite bold. Almost legalistically cultic. I have been encouraged and exhorted by a few of his preaching of the Word. Yet, I could be a sheep in his fold. He seems to constantly be admonishing. I need admonishing though, don’t get me wrong.
    He’s a better brother in Christ than I probably know. But he comes a bit to strong for me.
    Saw you over at Tim Challis’
    Nice blog.

    I like to blog. It’s a good thing. And Facebook has been a great opportunity for me to share the Gospel with my family and friends. I am much better in wrting than I am in speaking, though I have had thousands of times where I have shared the truth in love with people in the world as well.

    God is good. His faithfulness to His glory works through us. He loves us more than we could ever imagine. His love is an everlasting love (Jer. 31:3.
    have a great evening in Jesus’ peace and joy.

    • Like I said, I don’t know a whole lot about Paul Washer. However, I’ve listened to enough of his video clips to come to a different conclusion about him being almost legalistically cultic. I have found him more to lean toward a more liberal, low-standards stance. But that is just my opinion based on several clips of sermons I’ve listened to.

      I do like to blog, and I do like facebook as well. We just need to be careful that they do not take priority in our lives over serving the Lord, reading the Word, or winning the lost.

      You are so correct — our God is so good, and He’s so faithful and trustworthy.

      Thank you so much for stopping by this way and leaving a comment! I appreciate your visit. :]

  3. I meesed up. Should be:
    “Yet, I couldn’t be a sheep in his fold.” Most likely that is.

  4. Paul Chappell has a booklet, The Blessings and Pitfalls of Social Networking. If you’re looking for someone else that you know is in the same boat as us.

    Our teens Sunday school class is going through it right now. This Sunday Multitude of Counsel gets a shout-out as using Facebook productively :p

  5. I found it to be pretty motivating. It’s a good message that a lot of us men in the church need to hear.

    • I did find it quite motivating myself. I especially loved his reference to the men who sold themselves into slavery. That’s always been one of my favorite missionary stories.

  6. Brother Washer is one of the very few people I will lend my support to. I don’t agree with him on everything (e.g., his fondness of John Piper, he may be a “Christian Hedonist” [I hope he knows better than that], He believes God “ordained” the Fall), but He is a godly man.

    • After watching/listening to more of his sermon clips, I’ve found quite a few things I don’t necessarily agree with him on. So far, most of them are minor details.

  7. ^ Err, lower-case “H”; sorry, for some reason I thought I was referring to God in that instance, and forgot to capitalize it…

  8. I didn’t see this post for some reason. I like Paul Washer a lot, he is one of the few living preachers I can heartily recommend. He is certainly Reformed, if that helps you know where he comes from. His preaching is strong and filled with unction for those of you who are willing to listen to it. Try to find the “Shocking Youth Message” and “Ten Indictments to the Modern Church in America Today” on SermonAudio and you will know exactly where he stands.

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