Book Review: “Roadmap Through Revelation” (Rick Schworer)

If I were to ask you what Book of the Bible is one of the most difficult to understand and keep straight, no doubt Revelation would be one of the most common answers. There is just so much going on – events happening, people coming onto and going off the scene, wars breaking out, natural disasters that are anything but natural, death and destruction – it’s like a horror story that the human mind can’t even fully comprehend. But it’s not something that Hollywood conjured up – the Book of Revelation is going to happen, you can count on it. It’s a book of Prophecy contained in the pages of God’s Word.

If you’re anything like me, you’re one of those people who have struggled with the book of Revelation. My Sunday School teaacher just finished a year-and-a-half series on Revelation, and despite my teachers great lectures Revelation was still about as clear as mud for me. If you fall into “my” category, then I have just the book for you.

A while back, Rick Schworer contacted me and asked me to read and write a review of his book. I was (and still am) honored that he would ask me to do such a favor. I agreed and waited for my copy to come in the mail. I was in the middle of another book when it arrived so I wasn’t able to start reading it right away. Then I had my surgery and recovery. Then my brother had surgery. When I finally finished the book, the month of March was still in full swing, so the blog’s schedule was completely booked with guest posts. I want to thank Mr. Schworer for his patience with me. Sir, I’m thankful to have been given the opportunity to ready your book. I’ve learned a great deal from it, and was able to organize the knowledge I already had on the matter. Your book is a blessing and I trust the Lord will reward your diligence and faithfulness to His Word.

Roadmap Through Revelation (RTR) is a book that will help you understand the difficult, and oftentimes confusing, portions of the last book of the Bible. Rick compares Scripture to Scripture between several book of the Bible, from Daniel to Ezekiel to Revelation.

It follows an almost outline-like structure with the main points dividing the sections with extremely thorough explanations in-between. There are graphs and diagrams throughout the book so the reader can better understand the timeline of events that take place during the tribulation. Throughout many of the chapters, the author also trails off into a story form, portraying his own spin on how the characters will interact during different events. This helped bring Revelation to life for me and helped me get a more-clear glimpse into the matter, rather than just leaving it up to my own imagination. What I appreciated most about RTR was the way it was written — it’s easy to read. I wasn’t overwhelmed by big, scientific, PhD-level verbage. It wasn’t written to impress college professors; it was written for the average person to understand… like me. Although, I have no doubt that if you read it, you will be impressed.

After reading RTR, I feel better equipped and more confident to discuss things concerning the End Times and the Second Coming of our Saviour with other Christians and even the lost. By far, RTR is one of the most helpful and informative books I have ever read. I believe that every Christian should have a copy of it on their bookshelf. Read it, then read it again – then use it to help others understand what is coming. I truly believe this is one of the best commentaries on the book of Revelation available to us today.

Perhaps we will see other books from Mr. Schworer in the future, such as a Roadmap Through Romans, or a Roadmap Through Ruth…? I’m just saying… I’d be among the first to buy them! :]

Take a minute and watch the book trailer, then head over to RTR’s webpage {here} to get a couple sneakpeaks into the book!

You can purchase the soft cover book at DayStar Publishing {here}, or you can purchase the e-book version on Amazon {here}.

You can read Rick Schworer’s blog, Truth and Song, {here}, his wife’s blog {here}, and you will even see him commenting around from time to time right here on Grow Up!


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  1. Thanks Heather! No patience needed! 🙂

  2. Interesting, I’ll have to look into it.

  3. Oh, one other thing – if you would like a paperback you can also order it directly from me (it comes signed) at


  4. Rick, congratulations on a very good review. That has to feel very nice. Will look forward to seeing the book itself/

  5. Thanks Pete! Yes, Heather did a great job and was very kind in her review of my book.

    If anyone is here and they’d like to get the book but don’t feel like they can afford it, go to and copy down the ISBN number and ask for it at your local library. Also, the eBook is readable on just about anything (if nothing else your computer) and it only costs $2.99.


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