Snow day snippets {4.9.11}

Yes, these posts are still called “Snow day snippets” … (for now). Thank you to those who offered a couple suggestions last week – I appreciate it. And I promise not to openly mock either one of you – really, you had some good ideas.

This past week at my church (well, technically only Sunday through Wednesday) we had our King James Bible 400th Anniversary Conference. It. Was. Amazing. Our speakers were Dr. Sam Gipp, Dr. Keith Gomez, Dr. Rick Sowell, and Dr. R.B. Ouelette  – they all did a wonderful job preaching and defending the Word of God. I enjoyed the conference thoroughly. If you would like to listen to any of the video sermons, please check out my church’s website {here}.

God Isn’t Fair  –  “Is it fair that my grandmother on my mother’s side died over 20 years ago from lung cancer and my grandfather on my father’s side still smokes to this day? I don’t think so. Is it fair that, although I have lived not just a sinful life, but a sin-filled life, I will go to the same heaven as someone who has spent the life in a much closer walk with God? Definitely not.”  Here’s a great post by Jared. Give it a read and let it roll around in your mind for a little while.

YHWH as Mother  –  “The God who creates the humans, who clothes the man and woman as they leave the garden, or who carries them to another land, a land where they will be nourished with milk and honey (the food of newborns), the God who defends children, or who cleans (from sin) – this is a God who does a woman’s work.”  I can’t say I agree with this article 100%, but it gives the reader something to think about. {by the way, for all my readers out there who want to know my stand: I believe God is a man. He created man in HIS image – the Bible is very clear on the masculan gender of the Father.}

The Hiding Place  –  This month’s free audio download at Christian Audio is “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom, with John and Elizabeth Sherrill. It’s free to create an account with Christian Audio.

Why We Need Jane Austen or How to be a Gentleman with Examples Good and Bad  –  “I want to suggest that Austen provides something for which young people—even the jaded ones—secretly long. While the world she depicts is in many ways foreign to us, it is only just different enough to bring our own pathologies into clearer relief. In short, Austen reminds us of the largely forgotten categories of the lady and the gentlemen. It is her genius to make us aspire to these roles even in a world where such notions are strange and often ridiculed.”  This here is an awesome article!

On Tolerance  –  A commentor left a link to this article (on his blog) under my post “It’s time to burn” earlier this week. I read the article and really liked what he had to say. I think more people should read it. So, please… take a gander over there. :]


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  1. I’ll have to give the sermons a listen. Glad it was a good conference.

    God richly bless you.

  2. I loved the “God Isn’t Fair” post. Great stuff. Congrats on the conference. Souns like a great on- I’ll have to listen!

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