Snow day snippets {4.2.11}

First things first…

Q:  Will the name of these posts change now that Spring is here and there isn’t any snow (knock on wood)  on the ground?

A:  Not a chance.

Q:  Why not…?

A:  I really don’t have a good reason. Other than the fact that I can think of no better name for Saturday morning posts in the summer to be titled “Snow day snippets.”

Q:  What if we help you come up with a better name for said posts — will you change it then?

A:  Hit me with your best shot. Not literally. If you have a good idea, share it with me in the comments section. But don’t make it lame — otherwise I’ll openly mock you in next weeks’ Snow day snippets (or whatever it has the potential to be called next week)  post.

Moving on…

Prostitots – “Why do women want their daughters to dress seductively? Do they want the boys to look at them? Do they want the boys to think inappropriate thoughts? Why is it that so many women are allowing their daughters to play with fire?”  Pastor A.C. Baker answers all these questions and more in this well-written, thought-provoking post about mothers who allow (or force) their children to dress like miniature prostitutes.

Beautifully Broken – Lauren just recently wrote a guest post on this blog {here}. I won’t lie — her blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I think you’ll quickly learn why if you visit her e-space.

Grace Makes the Imperfect … Holy.“The thing about perfectionism is that it eventually leads to burnout. It’s tough to gather motivation for a new project when we know how draining it is to complete it to standard. It’s hard to keep “fighting the good fight” when every day we fail to measure up. Perfectionism becomes a ruthless master, killing, stealing, destroying, and ravaging our lives.”

Skirts vs. Pants – “There is no way that any of us can deny that we know the difference between men’s clothing and women’s clothing. Even in today’s society, when the look is becoming more androgynous, there is still a distinction, and hence the reason why there is a ladies’ section and a men’s section in every department store you enter.”  Interesting article on the “modesty”/clothing issue we as Christians face today.

Purity is More than just Skin Deep“Whenever the topic of purity is brought up during church sermons, youth group, or abstinence rallies, the whole point driven into people is this: “Don’t have sex. wait for marriage.” Now, I believe in and stand for that 100%, but the thing is, they allow people to leave with a butchered view of what complete and true purity is.”  I like this blog. Partly because it’s aweseom. and partly because she likes Pride & Prejudice.

I understand that this SDS post is aimed at the ladies, but the men can definitely learn from it to. Not to mention, most of these posts are taking up your side, guys — the writers are trying to encourage ladies to be mindful of you in every area of their lives so as to not be a stumblingblock to you.

And a video to part with: “Orphans of God”  by Avalon.


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  1. Love Avalon. Have to be considered one of the greatest vocal groups of all time. But praise God for that song. Almost as good as “Adoni.” Definitely powerful. I needed it so much this morning.

  2. thanks so much, friend. . .i’m so very humbled. . .

  3. You have a lovely ministry. May God bless you above and beyond all you can ask or think as you serve Him with your whole heart! Thank you for linking to my article.

  4. “And partly because she likes Pride & Prejudice.” Isn’t that a Christian girl requirement?

  5. The Adventists might prefer Seventh Day Snippets.

  6. Hey, I suppose you could just call it “Saturday Snippets,” but that does lose some of its punch. OR you could leave the name the same, and just move out to where it’d be appropriate more of the year – and not even Alaska. You’d love western Montana (the countryis gorgeous, and Malmstrom AFB is there, so you might be able to get a job rather easily – it’s also a beautiful place for your folks to retire whenever that time comes). Or Central Idaho, or the mountain parts of Western Wyoming. Then, problem solved – “Snow Day Snippets” would be perfectly appropriate anytime, though a bit thin in July and August…. (OK, I’m listening for that mocking, but smiling anyhow!)

    Seriously, this morning (April 3) we woke up to an inch of mostly ice (a little snow on top, 4 inches blown against our front door), and the forecast is for 3 to 7 more inches today. That usually keeps up on and off through May, and often into June. Gives us a short season for hiking and rock collecting, which we love. (The hiking, etc., not the short season.) A pastor told us Wyoming does have four seasons, but they’re called “Near Winter,” “Winter,”, “Still Winter,” and “Road Construction.”

    And more seriously, we do feel strongly that the Lord wants us to move from one of those states to another, yet it’s proving very difficult to do that. We would appreciate your prayers. Especially, we think, in the next week or two. Thanks!

    • I have thought about naming them “Saturday Snippets,” but like you said it loses some of it’s punch. :-\ *sigh*

      I like the names of Wyoming’s seasons. Here in Michigan we always say there are two seasons: winter and construction. We also joke that our state flower is the orange construction barrel – because come Spring, they pop up EVERYwhere. ;]

      I will be praying for you family and that God gives you all the wisdom concerning this potential move. Blessings to you all!

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