Lions, and tigers, and Mark chapter 1? Oh my!

There is nothing like looking at the world through my son’s eyes. He is 4 years old and 100% boy! BB skips through life and laughs the most infectious chuckle while doing so! Sometimes it is an evil chuckle, like just last night when he sprayed an entire can of Pledge ON THE COUCH…. his zest for whatever he is doing (other than coloring at K4) is remarkable!

This week, we went to the zoo as a family, and he LOVED every animal! How do I know? He said it! It was hard to keep up with him, running about, telling us what each animal was. So, while we almost got into a fist-fight over an Ocelot NOT being a baby Jaguar (they’re not, son. and in 10 years when you read this post, you will be embarraaaaaaaassed), it was a great day.

He also would describe them all as “happy” — although I have my doubts.

“The tig-uh is happy, Daddy.”

“Look, the JaWaffe is happy!”

He was EXCITED to see those animals that he had previously seen on TV and books ALIVE, UP-CLOSE, IN FULL-COLOR, and…arguably…HAPPY! IT WAS CONTAGIOUS!! I found myself almost jogging from animal to animal!!

I love that our Father allows us all to be different. An obvious demonstration of this would be the guest posts on this blog. We all have different styles, outlooks, and life-songs that make us unique!

Much like the authors in the Bible.

While it is not questioned by me that every word is inspired, God allowed various characteristics and personal writing styles to come through. (I wonder how Revelation would read if written by the master poet, David?)

One of the times I believe this is apparent is in the book of Mark. More concisely, in Mark 1. I LOVE how many times that Mark uses the word “immediately” in his writing. In Mark 1 alone, he speaks to the immediacy of an action or event 4 times, and throws in a couple “straightaways” also!

Now when I was growing up, it was impossible not to say or hear the word “awesome” every 3-5 minutes. Things that were definitely NOT awesome were described as such ad nauseam.

That is NOT what we see here! “Immediately” can be defined, so when he says something happened immediately, it did!

The point is this…Mark, like BB with the “WynoCewus,” wanted to make sure that it was understood that the Christ that had been foretold…GOD…WAS ALIVE, UP CLOSE, IN FULL COLOR, no longer just words on a page, here…in the flesh. And when HE was around, things happened, brother!! So, while penning his manuscript, he wanted us to understand how…uh oh…AWESOME JESUS WAS!!

What does this mean for me?

I have never seen Christ. But I have seen His works.

I have seen Him heal.

I have seen Him save.

BUT…where is my excitement when I talk about Him? Have I become so jaded that I have lost that He does things “Immediately,” or was that just “in Bible times”…?

I need to remember and DECLARE TO ALL  that Jesus Christ is…

As ALIVE  as the day He was baptized (Mark 1:9).

As UP CLOSE  to me as He was to the healed leper (Mark 1:41-43).

As FULL COLOR  to us as He was when He walked on water (Mark 6:45-56).

As AWESOME  today as He has ever, ever been.

Let me become CONTAGIOUS in my ZEAL and EXCITEMENT for HIM!!!

~                    ~                    ~                    ~

Lazarus blogs over at I Am Lazarus…and Others – which contains the notes from the life-learnings of an imperfect, yet holy saint of God. It’s a very exciting blog, and quite humorous at times as well. Lazarus is a husband, father, sports lover, and -above all else- a follower of Christ. I encourage you to take a trip over to his blog and do a little reading – to start you off, here’s one of my favorite posts that he wrote: Please Stop Hatin’!!! Be sure to let him know you stopped by!


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  1. This made God so real! The zoo story was a great illustration of how our hearts should be. very meaningful.

  2. A wonderfully done application of real life to how we should walk with God. I’m on my way over now to look at your blog. (By the way, may I say – to Heather especially – that one of the things I’ve really liked about this series has been how it’s let the people who’ve posted guest blogs “come alive.”)

  3. Of course, if one was terrified of, or pationately hated animals, then the word pictures above would leave the poor soul traumatized. Fortunately, that’s not me. I even rode an elephant. Woo Hoo!

  4. That is the totally perfect analogy for me. We just got home from a trip to California that included visiting the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park, and I think I acted just like your son! I am quite sure God enjoyed my enthusiasm over His workmanship, as He and I shared the experience. I found myself looking past the creation to the Creator. It was a wonderful day!

  5. Joseph Triplett

    Loved this post! Very creative and powerful!

    What this post stirred up in my head……

    Christians often refer to “child-like” faith as a coveted quality; but as this post so wonderfully illustrated, we should not overlook the worth of “child-like” zeal. It is unfortunate that we grow so accustomed to God’s work that we lose that sense of awe. For this reason, we must strive for freshness in our understanding of God.

    There are many ways to go about this, such as intensely studying the characteristics of God, reading an author like Lucado or Yancey, attending a Bible study to listen to the perspective of other believers, etc. However one goes about it, we must not let our spiritual or devotional lives grow stale.

    Of course, it’s not just about what you put into your life that counterbalances complacency, but it also involves what we pour out of our lives. Making sacrifices for the needy, sharing the Word with others, and consciously dying to self and/or yielding to the Spirit are also excellent ways to revive one’s waining zeal.

    Finally, we need to see God big and small. By big, I mean, we need to really realize who He is. This comes through intentional study of God’s attributes and the life of Christ. It also involves searching for his face daily in Scripture. When we do this and begin to understand who He really is, then it will so rock our world that zeal will become a fire in our bosom that refuses to be quenched.

    By small, I mean we must look for God in all the small things in our lives. Begin counting your blessings and recognizing the little mercies along the way. This will serve as a reminder of how much God loves you, kinda like little love notes left in random places.

    So, how awesome is God? Well, pretty stinking awesome if you ask me. Just today, my paper cutter slid off my desk and broke. A small piece snapped off the blade hinge and flew somewhere across the room. I searched for quite a while in vain and was ready to pull my hair out, but then I cried out to God and asked him to help me find it. Well, sure enough, I found it in under thirty seconds in quite an unusual place. If I would have only asked him sooner.

    Even if you don’t think that is a big deal or don’t even agree that it was God who helped me find that broken piece, I am still convinced and my zeal-o-meter just rose a few notches. GOD IS AWESOME!!!

    Lazarus, thanks for the great reminder! Heather Joy, thanks for posting this! God, thanks for being worthy of our zeal and for helping me fix my paper cutter!


    “Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!” Ps. 107

  6. I love the way you engage your daily life with your theological reflections. Its beautiful and the way it should be! thanks!

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