Question of the day: cloning.

This should prove to be an interesting discussion…

I have no doubt that most every Christian feels negatively about the idea of cloning humans. There are many concerns that are raised in this issue – such as since the person wasn’t made by God, will they have a soul? Are they really a real person or are they more like a robot? Plus, there’s the whole issue of people “playing God” by creating something by an alternative means other than creation by God (natural conception).

However, the cloning of humans is not the topic I want to address in today’s QOTD post.

Here’s the actual question…

What are your thoughts on the cloning of animals?

Is it wrong?

Is it okay if it’s just for scientific experimental reasons?

Thoughts? Opinions? Scripture to back up your ideas? Leave a comment below and join in on the discussion!


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  1. On human cloning, I will say I think it is okay to clone organs, maybe appendages.

    On animal cloning, I think I am going to go with “We cannot really mess them up any more than we already try with all of our other stupid ideas.” It is a matter of whether or not they are attempting to tweak the animals where issues arise for me. We could see flying tigers that spit venom which carries a virus that could decimate the planet! (That is actually kinda cool to think about … but not …)

    We know animals do not change a whole lot from one generation to the next, and we also know that inbreeding is not an issue, so I do not see a problem with cloning animals. This is especially true if it helps feed people and produce clothing. (In case you cannot tell, I am not a vegetarian. I do enjoy my fruits and veggies, though!)

  2. The most fascinating question about cloning animals – to me – is whether it’ll ever be possible to bring back some extinct species that way. I suspect that’s a very “long shot” and quite unlikely – but would be exciting.” Having said that, one of the reasons I expect it’s unlikely is that the VERY little reading I’ve done on it says that it’s hard to do perfectly – that there are many problems with “birth” defects, short life spans, and so on. So – who knows? Only time will tell.

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