Snow day snippets {2.26.11}

Hello. Howdy. Hola. Hi. (why do greetings always start with the letter H?)

Anywho. Another week has passed, and the month of February is two days short of being over. kaputz. finished. done. I’m not sure how it’s even possible that we’re already two months into 2011, but it’s happening.

Here are some great links and articles for you to explore this weekend…  :]

Bulls & Goats – Want to see how many sacrifices would have been offered up on your behalf if we as Christians were still living under the Old Law? As of today I’m up to 39,326. Yikes. I’m so thankful for the blood of Christ.

Revolution in World Missions (by K. P. Yohannan)  – Click the link to request a FREE copy of this paperback book! And when I say “free,” that’s exactly what I mean. It is given to you and shipped to you completely free of charge! …and I know  how much we all love free stuff!

Sometimes I just don’t see it! – Do you ever struggle with faith? Do you sometimes find it hard to trust whether or not what God says is really legit? Daniel wrote about one such struggle he recently encountered.

A New Way to be Pro-Life – Read this article to learn how one group of people are combatting abortion. Maybe if we tried their strategy in this area and many other areas of this world, we’d see more results… for the better. It’s something to heavily consider.

Cake or Death – If you like cartoons, church, and laughing, check out Cake of Death. I’ve been following it for several months now and always look forward to his new posts. Have a look for yourself and you’ll understand why…

Unending Love, Amazing Grace – Written by a girl still in highschool, this blog will quickly become a new favorite for you I think. She’s very mature for her age, and very sensitive to the Lord’s leading in her life.

Here’s a great YouTube video I came across this week. The animation is pretty nifty, and those little kids are funny!

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  1. I really like Unending Love, Amazing Grace for the same reasons!

  2. Now this is what I’m talking about. I have so much to do it is not even funny. I’m cold and trying to force myself to get out of bed after sleeping later than ia have in weeks (7:40 am). Just yesterday it was up at 4:45 to drive the bus; surgeon consult at 9; lunch; study every time i get the chance; phone calls with church members; get food for poor family in hotel; drive bus; pick up nephews who are staying the weekend; go visiting with my wife; stop and get some frozen pizzas; go home and take a shower; eat and watch 45 minutes of tv with kids; then crawl in bed. Today? More stuff. Study for tomorow. Youth outing.

    Then I wake up to another post (via email alert on my iPhone) from Heather. This is why I am a peon blogger and she is royalty.

    • Haha! You are TOO kind with your words. :] But thank you so much!

      If you noticed at all, there were all sorts of misspellings in this post (I fixed them now). AND I forgot to include the video of the week in the original post (also fixed).
      You want to know my secret? I stay up the night before until the next day’s post is completed and scheduled to post in the morning. *sigh* Last night I was up until about 2:00am.

  3. Heather, the video was sweet.

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