Confessions of a RIFB Girl of 20-something {I don’t read my Bible every day.}

I’ve never claimed to be the perfect Christian. Nor will I ever attempt to claim such a crazy label.  I am, however, the perfect example of an imperfect Christian. as are you. and you. and you.

Here’s just one of the ways I prove what a lousy Christian I really am. And, Mr. Holier-Than-Thou, there’s no need to judge me… I’ve already done that for you — hence, the video. ;]

What are some of the ways you fail as a Christian?
Share some of the things you wish you were more consistent with in your Christian life.
{Unless you’re perfect, of course, then you’re completely exempt from this post.}


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  1. Controlling more of my sneaky judgemental thoughts would be nice.

  2. I really like the book of Jude. I wrote two poems based on that letter (Hey, Jude; Jude, It’s Me Again).

    I fail in that occasionally my wife and I get busy or something and forget to do our nightly prayers together. We actually just spent five weeks without nightly prayers! We resumed this past Sunday night.

    We also sometimes forget our devotion times. I do think, however, that sometimes it is okay (please, forgive me!). All I really mean is there have been times when I get called to help someone or I start running behind, but throughout the day I am living out what I have been reading/teaching/learning. Those are times it is probably okay. Also if we have truly been storing up His Word in our hearts, it makes it easier to meditate on it. I lost my Bible a few years back (during a time I was practically homeless), and for three days I contemplated passages I had recently read and actually began making connections with other passages that I had not made before!

    If we miss a day and all we do is play video games/watch TV or movies/do not much, it is probably a lot less okay. I just realized I posted a whole message!

  3. Family devotions
    Just hubby and wife prayer time
    Scripture memory…
    Lots more but not enough space to write them all.
    But, my Jesus never fails! 🙂

  4. Great video blog 🙂 I know I definitely error on that one. Being judgmental is another thing I struggle with. Even if I don’t verbalize my judgment, I definitely am thinking git in my mind which is just as bad. Did you grow up IFB? What was/is it like? Sorry, I’m dying to hear what it’s like to be raised Baptist. I grew up Presbyterian.

    • Not to be judgement of Christians or anything (ha), but I think we ALL struggle with being judgemental – I definitely do.

      I did grow up IFB… and I still am IFB. And I love it (99.9%) of the time.
      Growing up Baptist is one of the highlights of my childhood/life. I was raised in church, darkened the doors every time they were opened, served in ministries my whole life, wear skirts 100% of the time, play the piano for any and every department that needs me, and have a TON of godly friends.

      It’s been a great life! I don’t regret a mile of it.

      Thank you for the comment. Blessings to you and yours! ;]

  5. For me, I graduate UF in Spring 2012 with a high school sweetheart I plan to marry then. I really struggle with trusting God with the future sometimes.

  6. I don’t read the Bible every day either. Sometimes I can go a few days and even weeks thinking about one word, verse or passage; thinking over it; working it through and chewing the fat…

    I don’t think there is ever any day though that I don’t think of God; pray, sing to or thank in some way.

  7. I have enjoyed your blog Heather. Its a freshness within the Christian blogosphere.

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