Question of the day: worship.

We all do it. or at least we *should* all do it. It shouldn’t just be limited to one or two days a week – we should do it constantly, in every situation, regardless of the outcomes. What am I talking about?

Worship. We are to worship the Lord in all things, for all things, and in response to all things. Why? Because He’s God; and He’s good; and all that He does is good, whether it seems that way to us or not.

So then, here’s my question for today…

Is there a wrong way and a right way to worship?

How should we react to those who worship God (Jehovah, the Savior, the Lord of lords) differently than we do?

Should the way we worship change based on the time period and “culture” of an era, or should it stay consistantly the same –as God is consistantly the same– throughout all the ages?

Thoughts? Comments? Scripture? Leave a comment below with what’s on your mind.

Here’s an added funny which goes along with the QOTD for this week.  ;]


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  1. Once again, I find myself distracted by wanting to post comments, so instead I will post one sentence to be misinterpreted and argued about amongst other people.
    If it didn’t matter, wouldn’t Nadab and Abihu be alive?

  2. Is there a right way and a wrong way to worship?

    Well, there are certainly wrong ways to “worship” such as the Pharisee recorded in Luke 18:10-12 (and of course the right way in the next verses)

    The wrong ways to “worship” (which aren’t really worship,are they?) involve attitude rather than method and conversely the “right” way to worship involves the heart and the mind. A person might be showing all the outward signs of worship, with onlookers thinking of him as a spiritual giant, when his mind is on other things and his heart is far from worshipping the Lord.

    Does method make a difference/make it “wrong”? Not if the heart is right. Not if the mind and the motive are right.

  3. I really enjoyed and reposted on Facebook. I do believe the wrong way of worship would be anything that would draw attention to self and away from FATHER. I believe FATHER can enjoy worship in different way simply because HE knows the thought and intent of my heart and I think that is what makes worship right or wrong.

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  5. I don’t have much time to respond, so I’ll make it short and brief.

    The wrong way to worship is anything that does not bring complete honor and glory to God. If we are consumed by the Spirit, we do not have to worry about worshiping wrong because God will be in control.

    Real worship in the Bible involved falling down before God on ones face. It involved singing and dancing. It involved a spirit that could not be contained. It cannot be faked.

  6. The style of music doesn’t matter. The words matter because they cause the heart to tag along. And the heart is what is most important…is it humble, is it joyful, it can be sad also and still be worship (that’s a sacrifice of praise), it can be inside a person who is raising their hands, dancing, or kneeling…as long as the focus of attention is God in an honoring way. I may prefer certain style of music to lead me to worship, I may prefer quiet at times. But someone else may prefer something more formal than me or wilder and crazier than me. It’s what brings you before the Throne and keeps you there for a while.

  7. “Does method make a difference/make it “wrong”? Not if the heart is right. Not if the mind and the motive are right.”

    I don’t believe this is true.
    Do you think David’s mind and motive were wrong when he wanted to bring the ark back (1 Chron. 13)? Was he being a hypocrite when he played and sang before God while transporting it (:8)? Yet the anger of the Lord smote Uzza DEAD (:10), why? 1 Chronicles 15:13, “for that we sought him not after the DUE ORDER [emphasis mine].”
    There was a specific way God outlined in Numbers 4 to move the ark. Sincere or not, David was in the wrong and God was NOT pleased.

  8. I agree with Nick. Method does matter, and the example of David is clear. Today it seems we have this worship = music idea. Worship is so much more than that. I did a very brief Bible study and blog post on worship. Here’s the link in case anyone is interested.

  9. Good stuff. Since I loooove worship in the modern musical meaning, the post caught my attention. I believe Jesus answered this question in John 4 when He answered to he Samaritan woman:
    – Where? (v21) In th old times, worship happened in the temple; today, i happens in our bodies (as our bodies are the temple of th Holy Spirit). Therefore, everything we do -no only musical, can be worship
    – How? (v23-24)
    a) In Spirit [It’s not about what can be seen ie: dancing, clapping, raising hands. Though those things can be valid external demonstrations; they all can be faked ie: Pharisees. However, worshiping in spirit is about the motive and condition of the heart]
    b) In truth. [According to God’s prescriptions… Jesus is truth, Jesus is the Word, His Word is truth, the Bible is the source of true worship. ie: Nadab and Abihu would have had better results if they had have worshiped in truth]

  10. I actually just posted a rather long write-up on worship on my blog, so this caught my eye. Since It’s nearly 2,000 words long, I won’t attempt to relay it all here, but if you’re interested you can check it out.

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